British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Galway: Galway 2009.

The enrolment was 206.

Organisers were T Hurley

The partner for this BMC was IMS

The plenary speakers were:

Eisenbud, E Plato's Cave: What we still don't know about linear projections in Algebraic Geometry
Graham, R The combinatorics of solving linear equations
Green, B Approximate structure in additive combinatorics
Grigorchuk, R Hanoi Tower game and self-similar groups
Kirwan, F Quotients of algebraic varieties by group actions

The morning speakers were:

Berndt, J Foliations and cohomogeneity one actions
Carbery, T Tube-nullity and Fourier Analysis: results and open problems
Kilian, M Flows of constant mean curvature surfaces
Leary, I An infinite Smith group
Mathieu, M On some non-commutative Banach-Stone theorems
O'Brien, É Towards effective algorithms for linear groups
Olsen, L Multifractals, Baire category and prevalence
Osinga, H The Lorenz manifold: from mathematics to steel
Twarock, R Applications of Group Theory in Virology: Affine extensions of noncrystallographic groups predicting virus architecture
Welsh, D The Random Planar Graph

Other lectures

Gow, R From George Salmon and 27 lines to octonions, E_6 and beyond
Körner, T Mathematics and Smallpox
Laffey, T The Nonnegative Inverse Eigenvalue Problem

Special session: Analysis

Csörnyei, M Differentiability of Lipschitz functions and other problems in geometric measure theory
Gardiner, S Harmonic functions outside a cylinder
Haydon, R On the scalar-plus-compact problem
Todorov, I Stable isomorphism of dual operator spaces

Special session: Computational Algebra

Cohen, A Constructions of curves with given groups of automorphisms
Eick, B Isomorphism testing for algebras (Lie or associative)
Flannery, D On deciding finiteness of matrix groups
Galbraith, S Elliptic curves and public key cryptography
McGuire, G Some computational algebra in cryptography
Malle, G Computing in Hecke algebras

Special session: Mathematical Education

Bass, H Mathematics Education research: What's in it for the Mathematicians?
Cleary, J Mathematical Literacy and Self-efficacy of First Year Third Level Students
MacanBhaird, C The Impact of Mathematics Support on Students' Grades and their Attitudes towards Mathematics
Mestel, B Teaching mathematics with online tutorials
Pfeiffer, K How Do First Year Mathematics Students Validate Mathematical Arguments?