British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Edinburgh (Joint with BAMC): Edinburgh (Joint with BAMC) 2010.

The enrolment was 518.

Organisers were A Lacey

The partner for this BMC was BAMC

The plenary speakers were:

Hacon, C Classification of algebraic varieties
Lagarias, J Packings of space with congruent tetrahedra
Staffilani, G On dispersive equations and their importance in mathematics

The morning speakers were:

Buck, D The topology of DNA-protein interactions
Cowling, M Lattices in semisimple Lie groups
Haskins, M Gluing methods in differential geometry
Hazrat, R Graded approach to the theory of division algebras
Maclagan, D Tropical geometry
Martino, A Isometries of Culler-Vogtmann space
Neumann, F Moduli stacks of vector bundles on algebraic curves and Frobenius morphisms
Pinch, R Primes and pseudoprimes
Stafford, T Noncommutative projective geometry
Stallard, G The structure of the escaping set in complex dynamics

Other lectures

Embrechts, P Did mathematics really blow up Wall Street?

Special session: Algebraic Geometry

Altmann, K The discrete content of Cox rings
Bridgeland, T Hall algebras and curve-counting invariants
Coates, T Gromov-Whitten Invariants and Modular Forms
Totaro, B Deforming divisors