British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Cambridge: Cambridge 2015.

The enrolment was 580.

Organisers were R D Camina

The partner for this BMC was BAMC

The plenary speakers were:

Calderbank, R The Art of Measurement
Kronheimer, P Existence theorems in low-dimensional topology
Osher, S The impact of L1 optimization in Nonlinear PDE
Serfaty, S Crystallization questions for systems with Coulomb and Riesz interactions
Werner, W Random phenomena within fractal carpets
Wiles, A On the arithmetic of ideal class groups

The morning speakers were:

Bayer, A Positivity in algebraic geometry via the derived category
Browning, T Rational curves on varieties over finite fields via analytic number theory
Constantin, A Particle Trajectories Beneath Irrotational Travelling Water Waves
Dzamonja, M Current challenges in foundations of mathematics, logic
Kurylev, Y Inverse problems in general relativity
Nucinkis, B Cohomological finiteness conditions for generalisations of Richard Thompson groups
O''Connell, N From longest increasing subsequences to Whittaker functions and random polymers
Riordan, O Counting connected hypergraphs via the probabilistic method
Rumynin, D 2-Characters
Thomas, R Nodal curves, old and new
Tian, Y Congruent numbers with many prime factors
Tillmann, U Homotopy theory for geometric groups

Workshop: Algebraic Geometry

Hering, M Toric vector bundles
Karmazyn, J Realising moduli spaces from derived equivalences
Lopes , M M Constraints on the invariants of irregular surfaces
Reid, M The G-Hilbert scheme for trihedral groups

Workshop: Applied Analysis

Cherniha, R Symmetries and Exact Solutions of Boundary Value Problems
Dalla Riva, M Existence results for a nonlinear transmission problem
Fresneda-Portillo, C A New Family of Boundary Domain Integral Equations
Seco, D Cyclic polynomials in two variables
Tkocz, T Tensor products of random unitary matrices
van Gennip, Y PDE techniques for graph problems

Workshop: Category Theory

Corner, A Lax monoidal model structures
Leinster, T The reflexive completion
Vickers, S Coherence for Geometricity
von Glehn, T Constructing models of dependent type theory

Workshop: Combinatorics

Böttcher, J Blow-Up Lemmas
Ellis, D The structure of graphs which are locally indistinguishable from a lattice
Fountoulakis, N A phase transition on the evolution of bootstrap percolation processes
Montgomery, R Spanning Trees in Random Graphs
Narayanan, B Coalescence on the real line
Talbot,J Mantel's theorem, analogues and extensions
Warnke, L The phase transition in Achlioptas processes
Wolf, J Ramsey multiplicity of patterns in abelian groups

Workshop: Geometry

Berman, R A cousin of the Calabi flow and Stochastic Quantization
Besson,G Classification of decomposable open 3-manifolds
Rupflin,M Teichmüller harmonic map flow
Wang, L Geometry of Two-dimensional Self-shrinkers

Workshop: History of mathematics

Barrow-Green, J Olaus Henrici and mathematical models
Bradford, J Presenting histories of mathematical practice at the Science Museum
Cretney, R J.H. Lambert on the mathematics of map-making
Harper,J What is a continuous function?
Heard, J The Early History of The London Mathematical Society
Hollings, C Language use in Soviet mathematics journals
McCartney, M The Cambridge Poems of James Clerk Maxwell

Workshop: Probability

Crane, E Random trees, forest fires and explosions
Holroyd, A Finitely dependent colouring
Labbe, C Singular stochastic PDEs on unbounded domains
Sousi, P Mixing, hitting and intersection times for Markov chains
Susa-Quintero, C Quantum systems are more complex than classical ones