British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Durham: Durham 2017.

Organisers were Andrew Lobb and Alexander Stasinski

The plenary speakers were:

Bayer-Fluckiger, E Some local-global principles in number theory
Fukaya, K Application of A infinity category in symplectic geometry Mirror symmetry and Gauge theory
Gallagher, I From particle systems to fluid mechanics
Lafforgue, L Langlands' automorphic transfer as a problem of generalising the addition operation
Lurie, J Tamagawa Numbers via Nonabelian Poincare Duality

The morning speakers were:

Bernardi, A Tensor decomposition and homotopy continuation
Besson, G The space of complete metrics of uniformly positive scalar curvature on 3-manifolds
Brendle, T Normal subgroups of mapping class groups
Bruinier, J Generating series of special divisors on arithmetic ball quotients
Caramello, O When do fundamental groups exist?
Cornelissen, G Reconstructing global fields from L-series
Grigor'yan, A Heat kernels on Riemannian manifolds
Kassel, F Exotic symmetry groups for tilings of <b>R</b>^n
Klopsch, B Zeta functions associated to admissible representations of compact p-adic Lie groups
Maclagan, D Groebner fans and combinatorics
Randal-Williams, O Metastable cohomology of moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces
Robinson, J Assouad dimension and embeddings into Euclidean spaces

Public lecture

Elkies, N Canonical Forms: A mathematician's view of musical canons

Algebra workshop

Constantinescu, A
Fink, A
Hering, M
Kahle, T
Kemper, G
Kosta, D
Mohammadi, F
Otter, N

Analysis workshop

Cook, J
Enblom, A
Gittins, K
Larson, S
Li, L
Pfirsch, B
Rose, C
Tolomeo, L

Geometry workshop

Albrecht, S
Baba, S
Ballesteros, D
Egidi, M
Ghazouani, S
Pasquinelli, I
Pomerleano, D
Vokes, K

Number theory workshop

Berger, T
Charlton, S
Marzec, J
Newton, R
Pohl, A
Rolen, L
van Order, J

Topology workshop

Barnes, D
Boote, Y
Everitt, B
Hepworth, R
Owens, B
Paoli, S
Roitzheim, C
Woolf, J