British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at St Andrews: St Andrews 2018.

The enrolment was 172.

Organisers were K Falconer, M Todd and M Quick

The plenary speakers were:

DeMarco, L Complex dynamics and arithmetic equidistribution
Dinur, I Unique games is 1/2-hard
Hairer, M Bridging Scales
Joshi, N Symmetry through Geometry
Seymour, P Progress on some induced subgraph conjectures
Viana, M Products of random matrices

The morning speakers were:

Bennett, J Induction on scales
Cocks, C The Discovery of Public Key Cryptography
Conlon, D How to build a hypergraph expander
Eaton, C Classifying blocks of finite groups
Fellows, M The Multivariate Revolution in Algorithmics
Gould, V Biordered sets of idempotents
Kral, D Analytic representations of large discrete structures
Krieger, H Unlikely intersections in complex dynamics
Mazzocco, M The geometry behind the q-Askey scheme
Morris, I Towards the construction of high-dimensional measures on self-affine sets
Smith, S Infinite permutation groups
Weber, H The stochastic quantisation equation - scaling limits, meta-stability and the role of infinity

Public lecture

Wolf, J Using randomness to find structure

Algebra workshop (Organiser B Martin)

Brown, G Flops and Calabi-Yau potential
Burness, T The length and depth of a group
Ciobanu, L Conjugacy growth in groups
De Visscher, M Kronecker coefficients and partition algebras
East, J Congruences on diagram monoids
Everitt, B (Co)homology of arrangements
Grazian, V The classification of simple fusion systems
Johnson, M Two-letter identities of the bicyclic monoid

Analysis and Probability workshop (Organiser H Oh and J Wright)

Carbery, T A multilinear Maurey factorisation theorem
Forlano, J Almost sure global well-posedness for the BBM equation with infinite L2 initial data
Gerencsér, M Quasilinear singular SPDEs within regularity structures
Li, X Conservation law, stochastic averaging, and intrinsic geometry
Oliveira e Silva, D Sharp Strichartz inequalities for fractional and higher order Schrödinger equations
Pocovnicu, O Long time regularity of the 2D Euler-Poisson system for electrons with vorticity
Sohinger, V Gibbs measures of nonlinear Schrödinger equations as limits of many-body quantum states in dimension d d" 3
Tsatsoulis, P On the long time behavior of the dynamic ¶¬2 ^4

Combinatorics workshop (Organiser S Kitaev)

Enright, J Changing times in temporal graphs to limit disease spread
Jung, J-H Oriented Riordan graphs
L.B. Yang, A L B Compatibility of generalized Eulerian polynomials
Meeks, K Exploiting structure in multi-layer networks: a case study on motif counting
Shur, A Subword complexity and power avoidance
Smith, J The Poset of Graphs
Staden, K Stability via symmetrisation
Zamaraev, V On the factorial classes of bipartite graphs

Dynamics workshop (Organiser J Fraser)

Azzam, J Wasserstein distance and rectifiability of measures
Baker, S Digit frequencies and expansions in non-integer bases
Bochi, J Optimization of Lyapunov exponents
Jurga, N A dimension gap for Bernoulli measures for the Gauss map
Kempton, T On the Hausdorff dimension of Bernoulli convolutions
Rippon, P Slow escaping points of transcendental entire functions
Robinson, J Minimal periods in Lipschitz ODEs
Stallard, G Fast escaping points of transcendental entire functions

History of Mathematics workshop (Organiser I Falconer)

Bailey, R Latin squares: Some history, with an emphasis on their use in designed experiments.
Mann, T Mathematics instructors at the Royal Naval College, Greenwich
Martin, U The rise of modern patronage, the social, and the impact of mathematics
Moktefi, A Playing by the rules: Venn versus Carroll
Robertson, E F Mary Everest Boole: the first mathematical psychologist
Stenhouse, B Embracing Nature in Formulae: The Hidden Mathematics of Mary Somerville
Tracey, K Calculating Value: Reading the Scribal Technologies of Early Modern Mathematics
Wess, J Maths and Maps: A comparison of Mathematical Theory and Cartographic Practice