British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Glasgow (online) (Joint with BAMC): 6-9 April 2021.

The chairman was S Rees .

The partner for this BMC was BAMC

The plenary speakers were:

Hilgenfeldt, S Foams: A Prototype for the Structure and Dynamics of Interfaces
Manolescu, C Khovanov homology and four-manifolds
Shipley, R Multiscale Models of Tumour Fluid and Drug Distribution: Integrating Imaging and Computation
Stroppel, C Tensor products and branching - changes of perspective
Sturmfels, B Linear PDE with Constant Coefficients

The morning speakers were:

Buzzard, K When will computers prove theorems?
Carrillo, J Nonlocal Aggregation-Diffusion Equations: entropies, gradient flows, phase transitions and applications
Gross, M Intrinsic Mirror Symmetry
Harrington, H Algebraic Systems Biology
Keating, J Random Matrix Theory, Integrable Systems, and Discrete Probability
Keating, A An invitation to symplectic mapping class groups
Kim, M Recent Progress on Diophantine Equations in Two Variables
Kuhn, D Proof of the Erdos-Faber-Lovasz conjecture
Li, X Interactions between C*-algebras, topological dynamics and group theory
Maciocia, A An Update on Moduli of Sheaves and Bridgeland Stability Conditions
Rand, D Geometry, information and genetics
Roney-Dougal, C Finite simple groups and computational complexity
Schroers, B The hidden geometry of magnetic skyrmions
Singer, M Brilliant Corners
Wahl, N Strings in manifolds
Wickramasekera, N Allen-Cahn equation and the existence of prescribed-mean-curvature hypersurfaces in Riemannian manifolds

Public lecture

Duchin, M How we divide ourselves up to vote and why it matters

Algebra and Representation Theory workshop

Sierra, S Poisson geometry of the Virasoro algebra
Stanciu, I Primitive ideals in the affinoid enveloping algebra of a semisimple Lie algebra
Stroppel, C Verlinde rings and DAHA actions
Sutton, L Decomposable specht modules
Topley, L Finite W-algebras and the orbit method
Tubbenhauer, D 2-representation theory of soergel bimodules

Algebraic Geometry workshop

Davison, B Refined invariants of flopping curves
Fatighenti, E Fano varieties from homogeneous vector bundles
Maclagan, D Toric Bertini Theorems and Higher connectivity of Tropical Varieties
Ranganathan, D 4/2 ways of counting curves in a pair
Rizzardo, A New examples of non-Fourier-Mukai functors
Garrel, M Stable maps to Looijenga pairs

Analysis workshop

Franz, G Free boundary minimal surfaces with connected boundary and arbitrary genus in the unit ball
Hanisch, F Relative Traces in Obstacle scattering
Hiesmayr, F Asymptotics of two-valued minimal graphs
Litzinger, F Optimal regularity for Pfaffian systems and the fundamental theorem of surface theory
Mäder-Baumdicker, E The Morse Index of Willmore spheres
McLeod, A Pyramid Ricci Flow

Combinatorics workshop

Dabrowski, K Well-Quasi-Orderability on Graphs
Kirsch, R Universal partial words
Nixon, A Graph rigidity and flexible circuits

Groups workshop

Chamberlain, R Minimal Permutation Representations of Finite groups
Evetts, A Growth and equations in virtually abelian groups
Gupta, R Non-uniquely ergodic arational trees in the boundary of Outer space
Khalid, N An infinite geometric presentation for Thompson's group F
Logan, A Equalisers of free group homomorphisms and Post's correspondence problem
Smith, S Local to global behaviour of groups acting on trees
Tracey, G Invariable generation and the Chebotarev invariant of a finite group

Mathematical Physics workshop

Casati, M Discrete Poisson Cohomology
Doikou, A Set theoretic Yang-Baxter equation, braces and quantum groups
Eckhardt, J The peakon resolution conjecture for the conservative Camassa-Holm flow
Halburd, R Finding exact special solutions to non-integrable equations
Hallnäs, M Soliton scattering in the hyperbolic relativistic Calogero-Moser system
Hone, A Heron triangles with two rational medians and somos-5 sequences
Kouloukas, T Cluster maps associated with discrete KdV equation
Lombardo, S Integrability and plane wave instabilities: an algebraic-geometric approach

Number Theory workshop

Coppola, N Wild Galois representations of hyperelliptic curves
Leonhardt, M Plectic Galois action on Hilbert modular varieties
Loughran, D Probabilistic Arithmetic Geometry
Macedo, A Local-global principles for norms
Siksek, S Efficient resolution of Thue-Mahler equations
Sofos, E Prime values of integer polynomials and random Diophantine equations
Sutherland, A Stronger arithmetic equivalence
Wiersema, H On a BsD-type formula for L-values of Artin twists of elliptic curves

Operator Algebras workshop

Bönicke, C Dynamic asymptotic dimension and groupoid homology
Choi, Y Completely almost periodic elements of group von Neumann algebras
Daws, M An introduction to (quantum) symmetries of (quantum) graphs
Goffeng, M Exotic examples in Fell algebras
Ramagge, J What can an algebraist bring to operator theory?
Schmidt, S On the quantum symmetry of distance-transitive graphs
Vdovina, A Buildings, C*-algebras and new higher-dimensional analogues of the Thompson groups
Xia, R Non-commutative Hilbert transforms and Cotlar-type identities
Yamashita, M Homology and K-theory of torsion free ample groupoids

Topology workshop

Anghel, C Coloured Jones and Alexander polynomials unified through Lagrangian intersections in configuration spaces
Balchin, S Equivariant homotopy commutativity and the Catalan numbers
Barbensi, A A topological selection of knot folding pathways from native states
Celoria, D A discrete Morse perspective on knot projections
Evans, J Contact and symplectic geometry of compound Du Val singularities
Linton, A Massey products in moment-angle complexes
Manolescu, C Relative genus bounds in indefinite four-manifolds
Prigge, N Embedding calculus and automorphisms of manifolds
Schuetz, D A scanning Algorithm for Odd Khovanov Homology
Sivek, S Framed instanton homology and Dehn surgery
Stevenson, G Points of cochains on BG and their tangent vectors
Wu, A Weinstein handlebodies for complements of smoother toric divisors