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Alphabetical list of names beginning with C

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Caiger, Jessie
Calcott, Isabella
Caldwell, Elsa
Callebaut, Nora
Callender, Bessie
Calver, Hilda
Cameron, Helen
Cameron, Isabella
Cameron, Isobel
Cameron, Jane
Cameron, Jessie Forbes
Cameron, Jessie Grant
Campbell, Ellen
Campbell, Helen
Campbell, Janette
Campbell, Jeannie

Campbell, Pauline
Cane, Violet
Capes, Gwladys
Capper, Dorothy
Carey, Violet
Carless, Florence
Carmichael, Kathleen
Carmichael, Mabel
Carmichael, Margaret
Carr, Bessie
Carr, Olive
Carruthers, Nellie
Carswell, Alexandrena
Carter, Amy
Carter, Cicely
Carter, Edna

Carter, Irene
Carter, Marian
Carter, Monica
Carter, Muriel
Cartmell, Lucy
Cartwright, Mary
Carver, Dorothy
Catmur, Dorothy
Cattanach, Janet
Cautley, Annie
Cave-Browne-Cave, Beatrice
Cave-Browne-Cave, Frances
Cave, Gladys
Cave, Julia
Cawley, Joyce
Cawte, Marian

Cawthorne, Hetty
Chadwick, Margaret
Chamberlain, Helen
Chamberlain, Kate
Chamberlain, Margaret
Chambers, Agnes
Chambers, Beatrice
Chambers, Edith
Chambers, Elizabeth
Chambers, Grace
Chambers, Marjory
Chambers, Mary
Chance, Kathleen
Chandler, Dorothy
Channing-Pearce, Gladwys
Chantler, Winifred

Chapman, Ethleen
Chapman, Mabel
Chapple, Sylvie
Chater, Nancy
Chaudoir, Ruth
Chesterton, Hilda
Child, Agnes
Child, Muriel
Chisholm, Grace
Chopping, Gertrude
Chorlton, Cecely
Christie, Alice
Chudleigh, Hilda
Churchill, Mattie
Clanachan, Jane
Clark, Anna

Clark, Dorothy
Clark, Evelyn
Clark, Hilda
Clark, Margaret
Clark, Margaret Sylvia
Clarke, Anne
Clarke, Bertha
Clarke, Dorothy
Clarke, Elsie
Clarke, Joan
Clarke, Leonora
Clarke, Rhoda
Clarkson, Doris
Clarkson, Lorina
Claughton, Ruby
Claxton, Doris

Clayton, Bridget
Cleary, Beatrice
Clegg, Mary
Cleland, Eileen
Clements, Dorothy
Clemes, Isabella
Clemmow, Edith
Clench, Mary
Clifford, Margaret
Clift, Bessie
Clift, Dora
Close, Francina
Clover, Mary
Clutterbuck, Joan
Cobb, Lucy
Cobban, Nancy

Colborn, Annie
Colebrook, Mary
Coleman, Evelyn
Coleman, Irene
Coleman, Jean
Coley, Winifred
Collett, Ada
Collett, Hermina
Collier, Agnes
Collier, Agnes Bell
Collier, Dorothy
Collier, Winifred
Collinge, Margaret
Collinge, Mary
Collings, Lilias
Collins, Honora

Collins, Iris
Collinson, Florence
Colomb, Ruby
Colson, Margaret
Colville, Mary
Comerford, Nora
Cone, Zona
Conolly, Carrie
Constable, Florence
Constable, Joan
Conway, Freda
Cook, Doris
Cook, Dorothy
Cook, Eileen
Cook, Evelyn
Cook, Harriet

Cook, Norah
Cook, Winifred
Cooke, Edith
Cooke, Edna
Cooke, Martha
Cooke, Winifred
Coombs, Irene
Cooper-Willis, Irene
Cooper-Willis, Lynette
Cooper, Annie
Cooper, Dorothy
Cooper, Eileen
Cooper, Enid
Cooper, Marjorie
Cooper, Rachel
Coote, Alice

Copperthwaite, Gertrude
Cormack, Hettie
Cornall, Evelyn
Cossey, Ada
Costelloe, Ray
Cottam, Bessie
Cound, Betty
Coupar, Jane
Cousins, Christabel
Cowan, Kathleen
Cowan, Sheila
Cowell, Lilian
Cowell, Rhoda
Cowen, Marjorie
Cox, Dorothy
Cox, Edna

Cox, Emily
Cox, Frances
Cox, Grace
Cozens-Hardy, Hope
Crabb, Catharine
Cracknell, Edith
Craddock, Kathleen
Craies, Zoe
Craig, Phyllis
Crane, Rose
Craven, Muriel
Crawford, Joan
Crawshaw, Irene
Crawshaw, Jenny
Creak, Edith
Creedy, Mabel

Critchley, Annie
Critchley, Katie
Croft, Agnes
Crommelin, Constance
Crook, Florence
Crosland, Marjorie
Cross, Gertrude
Cross, Jessie
Cross, Marjorie
Cross, Mary
Crouch, Alice

Crowther, Rosa
Cruse, Clara
Cryer, Annie
Cull, Ernestine
Culverhouse, Margaret
Cumber, Ellen
Cumming, Margueretta
Cummins, Ellen
Cunliffe, Viola
Cunningham, Annie
Cunningham, Catherine

Cunningham, Dora
Cunningham, Margaret
Cunnington, Susan
Curle, Edith
Curtin, Eileen
Curtis, Florence
Curtis, Phyllis
Cuthell, Helen
Cutler, Dorothy


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