EMS 1951 Colloquium

The Edinburgh Mathematical Society held its first St Andrews Colloquium after a gap of thirteen years caused by World War II. It was held in St Andrews from 18 to 28 July 1951.

A picture of the 1951 Colloquium is available at THIS LINK.
  1. Announcement of the St Andrews Mathematical Colloquium, 1951.


    A Mathematical Colloquium under the auspices of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society will be held at the University of St Andrews on July 18-28, 1951. The Colloquium will consist of three or four short courses of lectures on topics of general interest, supplemented by several individual lectures on more specialized subjects. Professor H S M Coxeter of the University of Toronto and Professor J L Synge of Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies will give courses. Other courses are being arranged. As accommodation in the University residence halls may be limited, application for membership should be made as soon as possible to the Colloquium Secretary, Dr D E Rutherford, United College, St Andrews, Scotland. Further information can be obtained from the Secretary.

  2. Announcement of the St Andrews Mathematical Colloquium, 1951.

    An announcement of the 1951 St Andrews Colloquium appeared in The Mathematical Gazette. We give a version of this announcement below:

    In pre-war years the periodical Mathematical Colloquia held in St Andrews by the Edinburgh Mathematical Society were deservedly popular with mathematicians from this country and abroad. The Society is once more organising such a gathering, which will take place in St Andrews from July 18th to July 28th, 1951. The business of the Colloquium will consist of several short invited courses of lectures on topics of general interest to mathematicians, supplemented by a number of single lectures, which will usually, but not always, be on more specialised subjects.

    The Colloquium sub-committee has arranged the following courses:
    1. Professor H S M (Donald) Coxeter, F.R.S. (Toronto) - "Kaleidoscopes and Quadratic Forms."

    2. Mr Albert E Ingham, F.R.S. (Cambridge) - "Analytical Theory of Numbers."

    3. Professor John L Synge, F.R.S. (Dublin) - "Geometry of Function Spaces."

    4. Professor George Temple, F.R.S. (London) - "Mathematical Problems of Supersonic Aerodynamics."
    The timetable of lectures will be arranged so that members will be able to enjoy many of the amenities which make St Andrews one of our most attractive holiday resorts. In the immediate vicinity are Scotland's oldest University, the world's most famous golf courses, excellent sea bathing, tennis courts, many buildings of historical interest and pleasant walks. Members are encouraged to bring their wives and adult friends or relations, who will find plenty to interest them while the mathematicians are at work.

    Accommodation is available for a limited number of members in University residences, and members who wish such accommodation reserved for themselves and their friends should register as soon as possible.
    The fees (per person) charged will be as follows:

    Combined membership and accommodation fee - - £9 10 0
    Membership fee for non-resident members - - - £1 12 6

    The above charges include the registration fee of 10/- per person which should accompany the form of application. Additional application forms may be obtained by sending a stamped addressed envelope to the Colloquium Secretary, Dr D E Rutherford, United College, St Andrews. The secretary cannot undertake to find accommodation for members in the numerous hotels and boarding houses which the town possesses.

  3. Report on the St Andrews Mathematical Colloquium, 1951.

    The following report of the Colloquium appeared in The Mathematical Gazette later in 1951. We give a version of this report:

    A feature of pre-war British Mathematics was revived in St Andrews this summer when the Edinburgh Mathematical Society organised a successful Mathematical Colloquium. The meetings were held and the majority of the hundred members were accommodated in University Hall.

    Courses of lectures were given by:

    1. Prof H S M Coxeter, F.R.S., of Toronto, on Kaleidoscopes and Quadratic Forms;

    2. Prof A Erdelyi of Pasadena on The Analytic Theory of Systems of Partial Differential Equations;

    3. Mr A E Ingham, F.R.S., of Cambridge, on The Analytical Theory of Numbers;

    4. Prof J L Synge, F.R.S., of Dublin, on The Geometry of Function Space;

    5. Prof G Temple, F.R.S., of London, on Mathematical Problems of Supersonic Flow.
    The Colloquium was opened by its President, Prof H W Turnbull, F.R.S., formerly Professor in St Andrews, who gave a stimulating lecture on an historical subject. Single lectures were also given by Prof L E J Brouwer of Amsterdam on "The Influence of Mathematics on Logic" and by Prof Sophie Piccard of Neuchatel on "The Theory of Groups". A feature of the Colloquium was the unusually high standard of exposition provided by the lecturers.

    Several mathematicians were accompanied by their relations and friends. These joined in the numerous social occasions, which included visits to the University Library and Observatory, musical and theatre evenings, 'bus excursions and Scottish country dances. The hope was expressed by many of those present that the St Andrews Colloquium would again become a regular event, as in the years before the war.