Colloquium photo 1951

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BACK ROW, Dr C A B Smith, Mr J B Marshall, Dr T J Willmore, Prof P M Quinlan, Mr M J Newell, Mr H Jack, Mr G Allman, Miss Vermes

FOURTH ROW, Mr K Gravett, Dr J Cossar, Dr L M Brown, Dr R H Makar, Mr R D Lord, Mr W M Inverarity, Mr J L Hopkinson, Mr A G Mackie, Mr C F Fisher, Dr D Borwein, Mr J R Gray, Dr A R Mitchell, Dr A M MacBeath, Mr H Schneider, Miss A E Nicolson, Dr W L Edge, Rev J MacMahon, Mr J Clunie, Mr D G Palmer, Mrs D G Palmer, Prof W F Kibble, Mr T M Carey, Dr I M H Etherington, Prof A P Guinand, Mrs S D Silvey, Mr S D Silvey

THIRD ROW, Mrs I N Sneddon, Mr R Smart, Mr A Nisbet, Miss S A Wallbank, Miss B G Yates, Prof W H McCrea, Mr G N Lance, Miss E M Hartley, Miss C M Hamill, Dr R Schlapp, Mr W Barrett, Dr C W Kilmister, Dr D Martin, Mr S Geddes, Mrs E M Patterson, Dr E M Patterson, Prof M Power, Dr T S Graham, Mrs H S A Potter, Prof G C Steward, Mrs A P Guinand, Mrs J J Lawlor, Miss C F Harington, Dr R D Misra, Prof E T Copson, Dr P Vermes, Miss J B Constable, Prof J J Lawlor

SECOND ROW (SEATED), Mrs R Smart, Prof H S Ruse, Miss N Walls, Mrs L M Brown, Prof S Piccard, Dr D E Rutherford, Prof A Erdelyi, Mrs A E Ingham, Mr A E Ingham, Prof A C Aitken, Prof H W Turnbull, Prof L E J Brouwer, Mrs G Temple, Prof G Temple, Prof J L Synge, Prof H S M Coxeter, Mrs H S M Coxeter, Miss N Power, Prof I N Sneddon, Mrs G Allman, Mrs P Vermes

FRONT ROW, Dr H Popova, Mr H D Ursell, Mr J L Mott, Miss A Copson, Dr S Power, Mr J Smolderen, Mr J Ginoux, Miss S Coxeter, Master E Coxeter, Miss J A Harington, Mr C E Cunningham, Mr J W Head, Mr D J Richardson, Mr L G Chambers, Miss I B Bell, Dr H S A Potter, Mr R Giles, Dr E A McHarg

Names in green have entries in the Davis archive of women graduates