EMS Treasurers

The Edinburgh Mathematical Society was founded in 1883. The first officers were elected at the first meeting of the Society which took place at 8 p.m. on Friday 2 February 1883 in the Mathematics Classroom of Edinburgh University. The first treasurer served for less than a year, with the second treasurer elected to serve from the beginning of academic year 1883-84.
1883 C G Knott
1883-1885   A Y Fraser
1885-1888 J Alison
1888-1895 J Wilson
1895-1898 D Tweedie
1898-1899 F Spence
1899-1905 J Archibald
1905-1909 J Turner
1909-1915 A D Russell
1915-1927 E M Horsburgh
1927-1950 J B Lockhart
1950-1953  L M Brown
1953-1955 J B Marshall Jr
1955-1963 W M Morrison
1963-1972 G MacKenzie
1972-1976 G F Roach
1976-1988 A C McBride
1988-1997 A D Sands
1997-2004 N K Dickson
2004-2009 M A Youngson
2009- R J Steiner