The Dutch Mathematical Society Brouwer Medal

Beginning in 1970, the Dutch Mathematical Society, the Wiskundig Genootschap, began awarding its Brouwer Medal. Once every three years, the Brouwer Medal is awarded during the Netherlands Mathematical Congress to a prominent mathematician. The Medal is one of considerable international prestige. The following have received the award:

1970 R Thom

1973 A Robinson

1978 A Borel

1981 H Kesten

1984 J Moser

1987 Y Manin

1990 W M Wonham

1993 L Lovász

1996 W Hackbusch

1999 G Lusztig

2002 M Aizenman

2005 L Birgé

2008 Phillip A Griffiths

2011 K Plofker

2014 John N Mather

2017 Kenneth A Ribet

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