The Herbrand Award

The Conference on Automated Deduction set up the Herbrand Award for Distinguished Contributions to Automated Reasoning in 1992. The award may be made to an individual or a groups of individuals.

1992 Larry Wos

1994 Woody Bledsoe

1996 J Alan Robinson

1997 Wu Wen-Tsun

1998 GĂ©rard Huet

1999 Robert S Boyer and J Strother Moore

2000 William W McCune

2001 Donald W Loveland

2002 Mark E Stickel

2003 Peter B Andrews

2004 Harald Ganzinger

2005 Martin Davis

2006 Wolfgang Bibel

2007 Alan Bundy

2008 Edmund M Clarke

2009 Deepak Kapur

2010 David Plaisted

2011 Nachum Dershowitz

2012 Melvin Fitting

2013 C Greg Nelson