The Frölich Prize of the London Mathematical Society

The Frölich Prize is awarded in memory of Professor Albrecht Frölich (De Morgan Medallist 1992). The Frölich Fund for this purpose was based on a generous donation from Mrs Frölich, reflecting Professor Frölich's great enthusiasm for, and gratitude to, the London Mathematical Society.
It is awarded in even numbered years. The Frölich Prize for year X can only be awarded to a mathematician, who is either (i) normally resident in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on 1 January of year X, or (ii) a member of the Society mainly educated in the United Kingdom. The Prize shall only be awarded to a mathematician who has fewer than 25 years (full time equivalent) of involvement in mathematics at post-doctoral level, allowing for breaks in continuity, or who in the opinion of the Prizes Committee is at an equivalent stage in their career. The Prize is awarded for original and extremely innovative work in any branch of mathematics.

2004 I H Grojnowski
2006 M Weiss
2008 N J Higham
2010 J Keating

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