Winners of the De Morgan Medal of the LMS

The De Morgan Medal, the London Mathematical Society's premier award, is awarded every third year (in years numbered by a multiple of 3), in memory of Professor A De Morgan, the Society's first President.

The De Morgan Medal for year n can only be awarded to a mathematician who is normally resident in the United Kingdom on 1st January of year n.

The only grounds for the award of the Medal are the candidate's contributions to mathematics.

The winners of the medals are given below.

1884 A Cayley
1887 J J Sylvester
1890 Lord Rayleigh
1893 F Klein
1896 S Roberts
1899 W Burnside
1902 A G Greenhill
1905 H F Baker
1908 J W Glaisher
1911 H Lamb
1914 J Larmor
1917 W H Young
1920 E W Hobson
1923 P A MacMahon
1926 A E H Love
1929 G H Hardy
1932 B A W Russell
1935 E T Whittaker
1938 J E Littlewood
1941 L J Mordell
1944 S Chapman
1950 A S Besicovitch
1953 E C Titchmarsh
1956 G I Taylor
1959 W V D Hodge
1962 M H A Newman
1965 P Hall
1968 M L Cartwright
1971 K Mahler
1974 G Higman
1977 C A Rogers
1980 M F Atiyah
1983 K F Roth
1986 J W S Cassels
1989 D G Kendall
1992 A Fröhlich
1995 W K Hayman
1998 R A Rankin
2001 J A Green
2004 R Penrose
2007 B J Birch
2010 K W Morton
2013 J G Thompson
2016 W T Gowers
2019 A J Wiles

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