Presidential Addresses of the London Mathematical Society

Cayley addressed the Annual General Meeting of the London Mathematical Society with the lecture whose title is given below, but it was not stated as being related to the end of his presidency. Spottiswoode read the paper with title as given below:-
... on vacating the office of President of the Society.
From 1876 to 1882 the president gave a "valedictory address" at the end of his term of office. From 1886 a "Presidential Address" was given and this remained the name of the lecture given by a president at the end of their term of office. Not every President has given a presidential address, for example J E Littlewood did not give an address in 1943.

We list the name of the president, the date of the Presidential Address and the title of the lecture.

A Cayley - 10 November 1870
Sketch of Recent Researches upon Quartic and Quintic Surfaces.

W Spottiswoode - 14 November 1872
Remarks on some Recent Generalizations of Algebra.

T A Hirst - 12 November 1874
On Correlation in Space.

H J S Smith - 9 November 1876
On the Present State and Prospects of some Branches of Pure Mathematics.

Lord Rayleigh - 14 November 1878
On the Instability of Jets.

C W Merrifield - 11 November 1880
Considerations respecting the Translation of Series of Observations into Continuous Formulae.

S Roberts - 9 November 1882
Remarks on Mathematical Terminology and the Philosophical Bearing of recent Mathematical Speculations concerning the Realities of Space.

J W L Glaisher - 11 November 1886
The Mathematical Tripos.

Sir James Cockle - 8 November 1888
On the Confluences and Bifurcations of certain Theories.

J J Walker - 13 November 1890
On the Influence of Applied on the Progress of Pure Mathematics.

A G Greenhill - 10 November 1892
Collaboration in Mathematics.

A B Kempe - 8 November 1894

P A MacMahon - 12 November 1896
Combinatory Analysis: A Review of the Present State of Knowledge.

E B Elliott - 10 November 1898
Some Secondary Needs and Opportunities of English Mathematicians.

Lord Kelvin - 8 November 1900
On the Transmission of Force through a Solid.

E W Hobson - 13 November 1902
On the Infinite and the Infinitesimal in Mathematical Analysis.

H Lamb - 10 November 1904
Deep-Water Waves.

A R Forsyth - 8 November 1906
Partial Differential Equations: some Criticisms and Suggestions.

W Burnside - 12 November 1908
On the Theory of Groups of a Finite Order.

Sir William Niven 10 November 1910
The Relations of Mathematics and Experimental Science.

H F Baker - 12 December 1912
On Recent Advances in the Theory of Surfaces.

A E H Love - 12 November 1914
Mathematical Research.

Sir Joseph Larmor - 2 November 1916
Address by the Retiring President.

J E Campbell - 11 November 1920
Einstein's Theory of Gravitation as an Hypothesis in Differential Geometry.

H W Richmond - 9 November 1922
The Mathematical Problems of Shell-Flight.

W H Young - 13 November 1924
The Progress of Mathematical Analysis in the Twentieth Century.

A L Dixon - 11 November 1926
Interpolation forms in the algebra of invariants.

G H Hardy - 8 November 1928
Prolegomena to a chapter on inequalities.

E T Whittaker - 14 November 1929
Parallelism and teleparallelism in the newer theories of space.

S Chapman - 12 November 1931
Tides in the atmosphere.

A C Dixon - 16 November 1933
The problem of the rectangular plate.

G N Watson - 14 November 1935
The Final Problem: an account of the mock theta functions.

G B Jeffrey - 18 November 1937
Mathematical studies in the modern universities.

E A Milne - 15 December 1939
Kinematic Relativity.

L J Mordell - 15 November 1945
Thoughts on number-theory.

E C Titchmarsh - 27 November 1947
Analysis for Physicists.

W V D Hodge - 17 November 1949
Some recent developments in the theory of algebraic varieties.

M H A Newman - 15 November 1951
Fixed point and coincidence theorems.

G Temple - 20 November 1952 (at the end of his first one-year term),
Theories and applications of generalized functions.

J H C Whitehead - 17 November 1955
Duality in topology.

P Hall - 21 November 1957
Some word-problems.

H Davenport - 19 November 1959
Some recent progress in analytic number theory.

H A Heilbronn - 16 November 1961
Old theorems and new methods in class-field theory.

M L Cartwright - 21 November 1963
From non-linear oscillations to topological dynamics.

A G Walker - 18 November 1965
Harmonic spaces in differential geometry.

G Higman - 16 November 1967
Odd characterisations of finite simple groups.

J A Todd - 20 November 1969
As it might have been.

C A Rogers - 16 November 1972
The surface of a convex body.

D G Kendall - 21 November 1974
The genealogy of genealogy: branching processes before (and after) 1873.

M F Atiyah - 19 November 1976
The unity of mathematics.

J W S Cassels - 17 November 1978
The Spitalfields Mathematical Society.

C T C Wall - 21 November 1980
Stability, pencils and polytopes".

B E Johnson - 19 November 1982
Non-commutative generalizations of mathematics.

P M Cohn - 16 November 1984

I M James - 21 November 1986

E C Zeeman - 18 November 1988
On the classification of dynamical systems.

J H Coates - 16 November 1990
Elliptic curves with complex multiplication and lwasawa theory.

J F C Kingman - 20 November 1992
Poisson processes and random sets; thoughts on a theorem of Rényi.

J R Ringrose - 18 November 1994
The Cohomology of Operator Algebras: a Survey.

N J Hitchin - 15 November 1996
A Lecture on the Octahedron.

J M Ball - 20 November 1998
The mystery of quasiconvexity.

M J Taylor - 24 November 2000
L-functions and Euler Characteristics.

J T Stuart - 22 November 2002
Hydrodynamic Stability and Singularities.

P Goddard - 19 November 2004
Infinite dimensional symmetry.

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