The Naylor Prize of the London Mathematical Society

The London Mathematical Society awards the Naylor Prize every two years in memory of V D Naylor. Only those resident in the United Kingdom are eligible and it is awarded for:-
... work in, and influence on, and contributions to applied mathematics and/or the applications of mathematics, and lecturing gifts.
No winner of another major London Mathematical Society prize is eligible. The winner is invited to give the Naylor Lecture at a meeting of the Society.

1977 M J Lighthill

1979 B J Mason

1981 H C Longuet-Higgins

1983 M J D Powell

1985 I C Percival

1987 D S Jones

1989 J D Murray

1991 R Penrose

1993 M V Berry

1995 J M Ball

1997 F P Kelly

1999 S W Hawking

2000 A S Fokas

2002 M H A Davis

2004 R O Jozsa

2007 M B Green

2009 P Maini

2011J B McLeod

2013 L N Trefethen

2015 S J Chapman

2017 J R King

2019 N J Higham

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