The Senior Whitehead Prize of the London Mathematical Society

The London Mathematical Society awards the Senior Whitehead Prize in even numbered years. It is to honour J H C Whitehead, a former President of the Society. Only those resident in the United Kingdom are eligible and it is awarded for:-
... work in, influence on or service to mathematics, or recognition of lecturing gifts in the field of mathematics.
No winner of another major London Mathematical Society prize is eligible.

1974 J F Adams

1976 C T C Wall

1978 I M James

1980 D G Kendall

1982 E C Zeeman

1984 J T Stuart

1987 R A Rankin

1989 L E Fraenkel

1991 W B R Lickorish

1993 B J Birch

1995 C J Bushnell

1997 J H Coates

1999 M J D Powell

2001 D W Moore

2003 P M Neumann

2005 H K Moffatt

2006 A Smoktunowicz

2007 B Bollobás

2009 V Maz'ya

2011 J Pila

2013 F C Kirwan

2015 R Mackay

2017 P Cameron

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