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  1. Zero - MacTutor History of Mathematics

    18 Jan 2024: J., 1999). G Ifrah, From one to zero : A universal history of numbers (New York, 1987). ... G Ifrah, A universal history of numbers : From prehistory to the invention of the computer (London, 1998).

  2. MacTutor Index - MacTutor History of Mathematics

    12 Dec 2023: University. Their contributions to the history of mathematics have been recognised by the Comenius medal of the Hungarian Comenius Society in 2012 and the Hirst Prize of the London Mathematical Society

  3. British Mathematical Colloquium - MacTutor History of Mathematics

    3 May 2023: The British Mathematical Colloquium is the largest pure mathematical conference to be held annually in the UK. It has been held every year since 1949, usually around Easter, though some of the earlier meetings were in September. The venues of the

  4. Gibson History 11 - John Playfair, Sir John Leslie - MacTutor History

    7 Mar 2023: Playfair in particular was widely read in the history of mathematics, was in spite of (perhaps it would be more appropriate to say "because of ") his great admiration for Newton, disappointed

  5. A Brief History of Time and Calendars - MacTutor History of…

    7 Mar 2023: This reflects the lack of information that historians of science have as they delve further back into history. ... D Leverington, Encyclopaedia of the History of Astronomy and Astrophysics (Cambridge, 2013).

  6. Edinburgh Royal Society - MacTutor History of Mathematics

    7 Mar 2023: In a move to counter this proposal the Professor of History at the University of Edinburgh, John Walker, proposed that the University of Edinburgh, the Faculty of Advocates, the Philosophical Society

  7. Heinz Klaus Strick's histories - MacTutor History of Mathematics

    16 Feb 2024: You can see the biographies indexed by postage stamps at THIS LINK.. Heinz Klaus Strick's Home page is at.

  8. - MacTutor History of Mathematics

    7 Mar 2023: The idea of Conferences on the History of Mathematics and Teaching of Mathematics came from Katalin Munkácsy (Eőtvős University of Budapest).

  9. Balzan Prize in Mathematics - MacTutor History of Mathematics

    7 Mar 2023: For his outstanding success in promoting interest and further research in the history of science. ... Paolo Rossi Monti (2009) for History of Science:. For his major contributions to the study of the intellectual foundations of science from the

  10. Some topics in the history of mathematical education - Projects -…

    7 Mar 2023: