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  1. Landau poem - MacTutor History of Mathematics

    7 Mar 2023: We see too big. None of us has ever seen an atom,. and we do not even have any kind of inner feeling. that can help us visualize atomic events. The discovery of quantum mechanics. and of the principle of uncertainty. has shown that man can tear

  2. notebook_cover Peller_Broc_London compartment poem_1 poem_2 poem_3… PDF (896k)

    20 Apr 2012: notebook_cover. Peller_Broc_London. compartment. poem_1. poem_2. poem_3. poem_4. poem_5. BA_add_refs. French. final_page.

  3. All Glossary Items - MacTutor History of Mathematics

    6 Jul 2023: Catullus (born: 84 BC in Verona in Cisalpine Gaul [now Italy], died: 54 BC in Rome) was a Roman poet who wrote poems about love and hate which are thought to ... Some of his poems express of contempt or hatred forand Julius Caesar..

  4. Shing-Tung Yau (1949 - ) - Biography - MacTutor History of…

    26 Feb 2024: My father made us memorise long essays and poems. At the time I didn't understand what they meant, but I remembered them and later made use of it. ... Finally, here is a poem written by Yau in 2002:-. SPACE/TIME.

  5. Poem for Cayley - MacTutor History of Mathematics

    7 Mar 2023: James Clerk Maxwell addressed the following poem to the Committee in charge of the Arthur Cayley Portrait Fund in 1874:.

  6. Greeks poetry - MacTutor History of Mathematics

    7 Mar 2023: This verse is the final verse of the poem:. Thus bold, independent, unconquer'd, and free,. ... Finally we give two "Archimedes poems". 7. Friedrich von Schiller (1759-1805): Archimedes.

  7. 2015 British Mathematical Colloquium - MacTutor History of Mathematics

    30 Apr 2023: Language use in Soviet mathematics journals. McCartney, M. The Cambridge Poems of James Clerk Maxwell.

  8. David Gale - Berkeley News Obituary - MacTutor History of Mathematics

    7 Mar 2023: David was a passionate traveler, but especially in Paris, where he long had an office at the ancient École Polytechnique," said Gilbert, who in her 2000 book of collected poems, "Kissing ... the Bread," included a section of poems she wrote for Gale

  9. 1932 ICM - Zurich - MacTutor History of Mathematics

    15 Dec 2023: lived. Our Zurich poet Konrad Ferdinand Meyer lets the chorus of the dead speak to the living in one of his poems:.

  10. Mathematical awakening and musical abundance: Berlin 1920 - 28 -…

    7 Mar 2023: aloud a poem, which I was able to do with a better accent than either he or his pupils could achieve.