The Göttingen Mathematical Society

Founded in 1892

The Göttingen Mathematical Society was founded in 1892 by Felix Klein and Heinrich Weber. William Henry Young, who was at Göttingen from 1899 to 1908, described the working of the young Mathematical Society (see [1]):-
The German professors have instituted at Göttingen and elsewhere a Mathematical Society of their own, meeting one evening in the week, to which the professors, Privatdozents and a few advanced students have access. The current mathematical literature is, as far as possible, divided up among the members for perusal, and subsequently to report to the Society as to the contents. Free criticism and suggestion is allowed, and in particular any references to other writers, ancient or modern, in which the subjects treated of in the Society occur, are welcomed.
Carathéodory, who went to Göttingen as a research student in 1902, described it as resembling:-
... an international congress of mathematicians permanently in session.

References (show)

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