The Kazan Physico-mathematical Society

Founded in 1890

The Kazan Physico-mathematical Society can trace its origins back to 1863.

The first attempt to create the Scientific Society at Kazan University was made by N I Lobachevsky in 1830 when he was the Rector of Kazan University. The regulations of the Society were composed, but they were not approved by the Minister. The role of this Society at this time was to conduct scientific sessions of the Scientific Council of the university. Lobachevsky transformed the university journal Kazanskii Vestnik into the journal in which the scientific papers were published (in 1829 he published in this journal his first paper on his discovery of non-Euclidean geometry) and in 1834 he organized the purely scientific journal Uchenye Zapiski Kazanskogo Universiteta (Transactions of the Kazan University), where he also published his papers on non-Euclidean geometry. This journal was the first university scientific journal in Russia.

The scientific societies in Kazan Univerity were created after 1863 when Russian universities obtained autonomy. In the Society of Naturalists in 1884 the physico- mathematical section was organized by the astronomer M A Kowalski and the mathematican A V Vasilev. In 1890 the physico- mathematica section was transformed into the Kazan Physico- mathematical Society.

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