British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Bangor: Bangor 1982.

The enrolment was 246.

Organisers were R Brown

The plenary speakers were:

Gorenstein, D Reworking the classification of finite simple groups
Smale, S Computational complexity and classical mathematics
Yau, S T Non-linear equations in differential geometry

The morning speakers were:

Bertrand, D Algebraic aspects of transcendental number theory
Clarke, F W Integer-valued polynomials and K-theory
Collins, D J Cancellation diagrams in group theory
Dineen, S Holomorphic functions on nuclear spaces
du-Plessis, A Geometry and singularities
Greaves, G A survey of sieves
Hirschfeld, J W P Characteristic problems of finite projective spaces
Jategaonkar, A V Localisation in non-commutative Noetherian rings
Lloyd, N G Closed orbits of differential equations
Mirrlees, J A Economic dynamics: growth and expectations
Morris, A O Reflection groups and their representations
Morton, K W Finite element methods and optimal estimation
Mulvey, C Globalising the Hahn-Banach theorem
Neumann, P M Simple groups from Galois to Jordan
Rand, D Dynamic systems and turbulence
Stone, M Hazards of infinity in probability and statistics
Wainer, S S Recursion theoretic hierarchies
Waldhausen, F Thickenings