British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at St Andrews: St Andrews 1987.

The enrolment was 238.

Organisers were T S Blyth

Minutes of meetings, etc. are available at the links below

The plenary speakers were:

Lenstra, H W Algorithms in number theory
Neumann, P M Enumerating finite groups in the late twentieth century
Trang, L D Singularity theory

The morning speakers were:

Beardon, A F Mobius groups acting in <b>R</b><sup>n</sup>
Elworthy, K D Geometric aspects of stochastic differential equations
Humphreys, J F Projective representations of the symmetric groups
Johnson, F E A Discrete groups and higher dimensional geometries
Johnstone, P T Another view of fibrewise topology
Lickorish, W B R Polynomial invariants of links
Lyons, T J Properties of Brownian motion which you can see without looking too closely
Murray, J D The crocodile: a boon for mathematical biologists
Priestley, H A Lattices, ordered sets and duality
Ransford, T J Analytic multi-valued functions
Rippon, P J Iteration of exponential functions
Schmidt, K D Dynamical properties of automorphisms of compact groups
Segal, D What algebraists should know about arithmetic groups
Slodowy, P Platonic solids, Kleinian singularities and Lie groups
Wilson, R A Subgroups of simple groups