British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Exeter: Exeter 1988.

The enrolment was 248.

Organisers were P Vamos

The plenary speakers were:

Lovasz, L Lattice points in convex bodies
Shelah, S Van der Waerden numbers
Singer, I M Geometry and string theory

The morning speakers were:

Brown, K A The zero divisor problem for group rings
Carne, T K Möbius transformations and the Schwarzian derivative
Davis, M H A Stochastic analysis and applications to optimisation and control
Gray, J J Recent progress in the history of mathematics
Hill, R Optimal error-correcting codes
Morton, H R Knots and algebras
O'Carroll, L A uniform Artin-Rees theorem and Zariski's main lemma on holomorphic functions
Praeger, C E Subgroups of finite symmetric groups
Pride, S J Some geometric tools of combinatorial group theory
Rogers, L C G In no time at all: a review of Brownian local time
Sleeman, B D The complex nature of biology and Hamiltonian dynamics
Sparrow, C T Chaotic differential equations
Thomason, A G Some applications of analysis, algebra and number theory in complexity theory
Vaughan, R C Recent progress in additive number theory
Zeeman, E C Discussion on "Funding mathematics"