British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Nottingham: Nottingham 1989.

The enrolment was 167.

Organisers were R Laxton

The plenary speakers were:

Bieri, R Topological methods in group theory: the Eilenberg-Mac Lane space
Sims, C C Computing polycyclic quotients of finitely-presented groups
Tijdeman, R Basic reduction algorithms and Diophantine approximation

The morning speakers were:

Bondy, J A Colouring, flows and coverings of graphs
Bruce, J W Singularities in geometry and geometry of singularities
Chiswell, I M Arboreal group theory
Cutland, N J Applications of non-standard analysis to probability theory
Erdmann, K Some classification problems in representation theory
Fountain J B Orders in semigroups and rings
Harman, G Recent progress in Diophantine approximation
Kastler, D KMS states of supersymmetric systems and cyclic cohomology
Körner, T Devil's staircases, ramps and roller-coasters
Langley, J K Some recent results in Nevanlinna theory
Liebeck, M W Riemann surfaces and groups
Penrose, O Mathematics and magnetism
Robson, J C Matrices and principal ideal groups
Schwarzenberger, R L E Crystal symmetry since 1889
Shephard, G C A century of geometric transitivity
West, A Isoparametric manifolds