British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at QMUL: QMUL 2014.

The enrolment was 310.

Organisers were I Tomašić

The plenary speakers were:

Atiyah, M F The impact of physics on mathematics, past, present and future
Diaconis, P The Magic of Martin Gardner
Guralnick, R Strongly Dense Subgroups of Algebraic Groups
Ngô Bào Châu Arithmetic of certain integrable system
Szemerédi, E On subset sums
Villani, C From planets to stars to fluids.
Voisin, C Points, zero cycles, and rationality questions
Zagier, D From finite groups to modular forms

The morning speakers were:

Austin, T Partial difference equations over compact Abelian groups
Bachoc, C Convex optimization, Fourier analysis and extremal problems in Euclidean geometry
Borovik, A Black box algebra
Bridson, M Capturing infinite groups by their finite quotients
Gee, T The <i>p</i>-adic Langlands program
Helfgott, H The ternary Goldbach conjecture
K&ouml;hn, K Hamilton decompositions of graphs and digraphs
Markovic, V The Surface Subgroup Problem
Ulcigrai, C Polygonal billiards, flows on surfaces and Teichmueller dynamics
Yafaev, A The Andre-Oort conjecture and o-minimality

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Granstr&ouml;m, J Content ID Mathematics

Workshop: Combinatorics (Organiser: M. Walters QMUL)

Workshop: Geometry (Organiser: O. Jenkinson QMUL)

Workshop: Group Theory (Organisers: J. Bray QMUL&nbsp;N. Nikolov Oxford)

Workshop: Number Theory (Organiser: S. Zerbes UCL)