British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Kings College, London: 6 - 9 June 2022.

Organisers were D Burn and S Gilmour

Minutes of meetings, etc. are available at the links below

The plenary speakers were:

Gallagher, I On the dynamics of dilute gases
Hastie, T Statistical Learning with Sparcity
Moore, G Quantum Field Theory And Invariants Of Smooth Four-Dimensional Manifolds
Rudnick, Z A number theorist's adventures in the land of spectral theory
Voisin, C On the complex cobordism classes of hyper-Kähler manifolds

The Morning speakers were:

Bochkina, N Bernstein - von Mises theorem for regular and non-regular statistical models
Caraiani, A Reciprocity laws and torsion classes
Colizza, V Big Data, models, and COVID-19 policies
Fintzen, J Representations of p-adic groups
Montanari, A Mathematical problems in modern machine learning
Pappas, G Number theory and low dimensional topology
Reguera, M Sparse domination on and beyond classical harmonic analysis.
Runkel, I Topological field theory and higher categories
Samworth, R Nonparametric inference under shape constraints
Nameki, S Generalized Symmetries in QFT and Strings
Seip, K Contractive norm inequalities
Vogtmann, K Outer spaces

Analysis workshop

Mondino, A Smooth and non-smooth aspects of Ricci curvature lower bounds
Bruna, M Well-posedness of an integro-differential model for active matter
Maleva, O Differentiability of typical Lipschitz functions
Garetto, C Hyperbolic Cauchy problems with multiplicities
Harper, A The distribution of short moving character sums
Hickman, J On convergence of Fourier integrals

Complex and Disordered Systems workshop

Gabrié, M Statistical Mechanics and Machine Learning Interactions: Enhancing Sampling with Learning
Majumdar, S Stochastic resetting
Lacroix-A-Chez-Toine, B Random landscape built by superposition of random plane waves
Ruggiero, P Entanglement, area law and its violation in many-body systems
El, G Dispersive hydrodynamics of soliton condensates in integrable systems
Moran, J Out of equilibrium economies

Geometry workshop

Nordström, J Asymptotically conical G2 solitons
Lackenby, M Knot theory and machine learning
Kaloghiros, A Some examples of K-moduli spaces of Fano 3-folds
Kelly, T Open Mirror Symmetry for Landau-Ginzburg models
Topping, P Hamilton's Pinching Conjecture
Kalfagianni, E Knot crossing numbers and coloured Jones polynomials.

Number Theory workshop

Colmez, P On the group GL_2(Q )
Fresán, J A non-hyperpergeometric E-function
Niziol, W Factorization of the p-adic étale cohomology of coverings of Drinfeld's upper half plane
Pozzi, A Rigid meromorphic cocycles and p-adic variations of modular forms
Newton, J Modularity of elliptic curves over CM fields
Kakde, M On the Brumer-Stark conjecture

Statistics workshop

Lee, A Solving the Poisson equation using coupled Markov chains
Biedermann, S Designing experiments when data may be missing not at random
Quiroz, M Spectral approaches to speed up Bayesian inference for large stationary time series data
Maruri-Aguila, H Hilbert series, Smolyak grids and a matrix identity
Chopin, N Waste-free SMC
Parker, B Design of experiments for networks, and networks for experimental design
Doucet, A Diffusion Schrödinger Bridges: From Generative Modeling to Inference
Semochkina, D Efficient emulation of epidemiological spatio-temporal patch models

Theoretical Physics workshop

Martone, M Chiral algebras
Manschot, J Domains for running couplings and four-manifold invariants
Lemos, M Regge trajectories for N = (2, 0) superconformal field theories
Closset, C 5d SCFTs, Seiberg-Witten geometry and partition functions
Stefanski, B Exact results for low-supersymmetry D-instantons
Adamo, T Gravitational scattering and Hyperkähler geometry