Earle Raymond Hedrick Lecturers

The Earle Raymond Hedrick Lectures were established in 1952 to procure for the Mathematical Association of America a lecturer of excellent quality:
... who will present a series of at most three lectures accessible to a large fraction of those who teach college mathematics.
They were named after Earle Raymond Hedrick: the first President of the Mathematical Association of America.

List of Lecturers

1952 Tibor Radó, Ohio State University

1953 Paul R Halmos, University of Chicago

1954 Lynn H Loomis, Harvard University

1955 Mark Kac, Rockefeller University

1956 J C Oxtoby, Bryn Mawr College

1957 Leo Zippin, Queens College

1958 Alston S Householder, Oak Ridge National Laboratories

1959 William Feller, Princeton University

1960 Ivan Niven, University of Oregon

1961 R H Bing, University of Wisconsin-Madison

1962 Andrew M Gleason, Harvard University

1963 Hans Rademacher, University of Pennsylvania

1964 Edwin E Floyd, University of Virginia

1965 John W Milnor, Princeton University

1966 Nathan J Fine, University of Pennsylvania

1967 Gian-Carlo Rota, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

1968 Hyman Bass, Columbia University

1969 Evrett A Bishop, Univ of California-San Diego

1970 Harry Kesten, Cornell University

1971 Abraham Robinson, Yale University

1972 Peter D Lax, New York University, Courant Institute

1973 Henry O Pollak, Bell Telephone Laboratories

1975 Frederick J Almgren, Jr, Princeton University

1976 Martin D Davis, New York University, Courant Institute

1977 Joseph B Keller, Stanford University

1978 Richard K Guy, University of Calgary

1979 Mary Ellen Rudin, University of Wisconsin-Madison

1980 George E Andrews, Pennsylvania State University

1981 Daniel Gorenstein, Rutgers University-New Brunswick

1982 James W Cannon, University of Wisconsin-Madison

1983 Elias M Stein, Princeton University

1984 Neil J A Sloane, Bell Telephone Laboratories

1985 Arthur M Jaffe, Harvard University

1987 William P Thurston, Princeton University

1988 Don Bernard Zagier, Univ of Maryland-College Park and Max Planck Institut, Bonn

1989 Persi Diaconis, Harvard University

1990 Philip J Davis, Brown University

1991 John Horton Conway, Princeton University

1993 Sir Michael Atiyah, University of Cambridge

1994 Ronald L Graham, AT&T Bell Laboratories

1995 Doris J Schattschneider, Moravian College

1996 Richard A Askey, University of Wisconsin

1997 Elliott H Lieb, Princeton University

1998 Jean Taylor, Rutgers University

1999 Carl Pomerance, University of Georgia

2000 Yakov Sinai, Princeton University

2001 Ingrid Daubechies, Princeton University

2002 László Lovász, Microsoft Research

2003 Henri Rene Darmon, McGill University

2004 Peter Sarnak, Princeton University

2005 Jeffrey Lagarias, University of Michigan

2006 W T Gowers, University of Cambridge Centre for Mathematical Sciences, UK

2007 Jennifer Tour Chayes, Microsoft Corporation

2008 Erik Demaine, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2009 Ravi Vakil, Stanford University

2010 Robert L. Devaney, Boston University

2011 Manjul Bhargava, Princeton University

2012 Bernd Sturmfels, University of California-Berkeley

2013 Olga Holtz, University of California-Berkeley and Technische Universität Berlin

2014 Bjorn Poonen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2015 Karen Smith, University of Michigan Ann Arbor

2016 Hendrik Lenstra, Universiteit Leiden

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