The Ostrowski Prize

The Ostrowski prize is awarded every two years for the best achievements in pure mathematics and the theoretical foundations of numerical analysis. The prize is awarded by a foundation established by Alexander Markowich Ostrowski.

1989 Louis de Branges
... for his proof of the Bieberbach conjecture.
1991 Jean Bourgain
... for his work on ergodic theory.
1993 Miklos Laczkovich (Hungary) and Marina Ratner
... for their work on Lie groups.
1995 Andrew J Wiles
... for his proof of Fermat's Last Theorem.
1997 Yuri V Nesterenko
... for his work on algebraic number theory.
1997 Gilles I Pisier
... for his work on operator theory.
1999 Alexander A Beilinson
... for his work on representation theory, arithmetic geometry, and modern mathematical physics.
1999 Helmut H Hofer
... for his contributions to contact and symplectic geometry.
2001 Henryk Iwaniec
... for his work on analytic number theory.
2001 Peter Sarnak
... for his contributions to number theory and to questions of analysis motivated by number theory.
2001 Richard L Taylor
... for his work on number theory, particularly his application of automorphic forms to arithmetic problems related to l-adic Galois representations.
2003 Paul Seymour
... for his work on discrete mathematics.
2005 Ben Green and Terence Tao
... for their exceptional achievements in the area of analytic and combinatorial number theory.
2007 Oded Schramm
... for his fundamental contributions to conformal geometry, probability theory, and mathematical physics.
Sorin Popa
for outstanding mathematical achievement in the field of operator algebras.
Ib Madsen  
... through his research and leadership has made a huge impact on the fields of geometry and topology.
David Preiss
... is undoubtedly the leading researcher in the world in geometric measure theory.
Kannan Soundararajan
... has produced a cornucopia of fundamental results in the last five years to go along with his brilliant earlier work.
Yitang Zhang
... for his breakthrough work on small gaps between prime numbers.
Peter Scholze 
... for his breakthrough work in arithmetic algebraic geometry.