Royal Statistical Society Guy Medal in Bronze

The Royal Statistical Society Guy Medal in Bronze is named after the distinguished statistician, William Guy FRS. The medal is:-
... intended to encourage the cultivation of statistics in their scientific aspects and promote the application of numbers to the solution of important problems in all the relations of life in which the numerical method can be employed, with a view to determining the laws which regulate them.
Fellows or non-fellows of the Royal Statistical Society who have communicated papers of special merit to a section of a local group of which they are members or have published such papers in the journals of the Society are considered for Bronze Medals. Preference is given to those under the age of 35.

1936 W G Cochran

1938 R F George

1949 W J Jennett

1962 P Armitage

1966 J Durbin

1967 F Downton

1968 R L Plackett

1969 M C Pike

1970 P G Moore

1971 D J Bartholomew

1974 G N Wilkinson

1975 A F Bissell

1976 P L Goldsmith

1977 A F M Smith

1978 A P Dawid

1979 T M F Smith

1980 A J Fox

1982 S J Pocock

1983 P McCullagh

1984 B W Silverman

1985 D J Spiegelhalter

1986 D F Heny

1987 P J Green

1988 S C Darby

1989 S M Gore

1990 V S Isham

1991 M G Kenward

1992 C Jennison

1993 J A Tawn

1994 R F A Poultney

1995 I Johnstone

1996 J N S Matthews

1997 G O Roberts

1998 D Firth

1999 P W F Smith and J Forster

2000 J Wakefield

2001 G P Nason

2002 G Molenberghs

2003 Peter Lynn

2004 Nicola Best

2005 Stephen Brooks

2006 Matthew Stephens

2007 Paul Fearnhead

2008 Fiona Steele

2009 Chris Holmes

2009 C Holmes

2010 O Papaspiliopolous

2011 N Meinshausen

2012 R Samworth

2013 P Fryzlewicz

2014 M Yuan

2015 Dr J Lv

2017 Yingying Fan

2018 Peng Ding

2019 Jonas Peters

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