Royal Statistical Society Guy Medal in Gold

The Royal Statistical Society Guy Medal in Gold is named after the distinguished statistician, William Guy FRS. The medal is:-
... intended to encourage the cultivation of statistics in their scientific aspects and promote the application of numbers to the solution of important problems in all the relations of life in which the numerical method can be employed, with a view to determining the laws which regulate them.
Fellows of the Royal Statistical Society who have made innovative contributions to the theory or application of statistics are considered for Gold Medals.

1892 Charles Booth

1894 Robert Giffen

1900 J Athelsten Baines

1907 F Y Edgeworth

1908 P G Craigie

1911 G Udny Yule

1920 T H C Stevenson

1930 A W Flux

1935 A L Bowley

1945 M Greenwood

1946 R A Fisher

1953 A Bradford Hill

1955 E S Pearson

1960 F Yates

1962 Harold Jeffreys

1966 J Neyman

1968 M G Kendall

1969 M S Bartlett

1972 H Cramer

1973 David Cox

1975 G A Barnard

1978 Roy Allen

1981 D G Kendall

1984 H E Daniels

1986 B Benjamin

1987 R L Plackett

1990 P Armitage

1993 G E P Box

1996 P Whittle

1999 Michael Healy

2002 D Lindley

2005 John Nelder

2008 James Durbin

2011 C R Rao

2013 John Kingman

2014 Bradley Efron

2016 Adrian Smith

2019 Stephen Buckland  

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