Mathematical teaching and research at the University of St Andrews began in 1668 with the appointment of James Gregory as the first holder of the Regius Chair of Mathematics. He was proposed for the chair by his friend Robert Moray, a graduate of St Andrews and member of the Royal Society. Moray together with Archbishop Sharp of St Andrews persuaded King Charles II to found the professorship.

1668-1674 James Gregory
1674-1688 William Sanders
1689-1690 James Fenton
1690-1707 vacant
1707-1739 Charles Gregory
1739-1765 David Gregory
1765-1807 Nicolas Vilant
1807-1809 vacant
1809-1820 Robert Haldane
1820-1858 Thomas Duncan
1857-1858 John Couch Adams
1859-1877 William L F Fischer
1877-1879 George Chrystal
1879-1921 Peter Redford Scott Lang
1921-1950 Herbert Westren Turnbull
1950-1969 Edward Thomas Copson
1970-1997 John Mackintosh Howie
1997-2015 vacant
2015-2017 Igor Rivin
2017-present Kenneth Falconer