Mathematicians Of The Day

16th May

On this day in 2005 President George W Bush announced that Lenore Blum was one of the recipients of the 2004 Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring. The citation reads:-
Lenore Blum of Carnegie Mellon University helped pioneer the Expanding Your Horizons program at Mills College in 1973. The program - designed to introduce young female students to women in science and related careers - has since gone national through the Math/Science Network ...
On this day in 2014 Google released an Agnesi doodle .

Click on for a poster.

Quotation of the day

From Joseph Fourier
The differential equations of the propagation of heat express the most general conditions, and reduce the physical questions to problems of pure analysis, and this is the proper object of theory.
Analytical Theory of Heat