Group Theory in Galway

The University College Galway has held a meeting on Group Theory every spring since 1978.
For a brief history of this conference series see the article History of Groups in Galway.

A paper by C M Campbell about the Groups St Andrews Conferences and the Galway Group meetings is at THIS LINK.

Below we give the speakers and titles of the talks for the conferences:

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J P McDermott (University College Galway) Some aspects of permutation groups

T J Laffey (University College Dublin) On finite simple groups

G Thomas (University College Cork) Topics in group representation theory

N Losey (Manitoba) Augmentation quotients of some nonabelian finite groups


Rex Dark (University College Galway) Basic commutators

Roderick Gow (University College Dublin) Theories and problems of modular representations

Alan Camina (Univ. East Anglia) Permutation groups and designs

W E Deskins (Univ. Pittsburgh) Conditions on small subgroups in the Fitting subgroup


M L Newell (University College Galway) On metabelian groups of prime power exponent

D MacHale (University College Cork) Some groups which are rarely automorphism groups

T Hurley (University College Dublin) Bases for groups and Lie algebras

M Vaughan-Lee (Oxford) Groups of exponent 4


John Lennox (University of Cardiff) Nearly maximal sub-groups of finitely generated soluble groups

Michael Barry (Carysfort Training College) Commutators in Chevalley groups

Sean Tobin (U.C.G.) Burnside groups

Johannes Siemons (U.C.C.) Orbits in permutation groups


A Christofides (University College Galway) Blocks and modules

J D Key (Birmingham) Doubly transitive affine groups

T C Hurley (University College Galway) Report on Fox's problem

R A Bryce (QMC/ANU) Metabelian varieties of groups and group rings

B Siefert (UCD) Buildings, BN pairs and related groups

M Barry (Carysfort) Abelian 2-subgroups of finite symplectic groups in characteristic 2

P Fitzpatrick (University College Cork) Varieties of nilpotent groups of class four

J Siemons (University College Cork) Symmetry in a graph

A Williamson Factorisation of groups of finitary permutations

J McDermott Hamiltonian graphs


R Watson (Maynooth) Some aspects of profinite groups

J Hannah (Galway) Semigroups and lattices

R Gow (Dublin, U. C. D.) Permutation representations of some classical groups on the cosets of certain classical groups

P Cameron (Oxford) Infinite permutation groups

M Liebeck (Cambridge) Some applications of the classification of finite simple groups to permutation group theory

J Ward (Galway) On subrings which permute with their conjugates

B Abrahamson (Canberra/T. C. D.) Quaternion monomials

C Walter (Dublin, U. C. D.) Automorphism groups of graphs

M Barry (Carysfort) Computing dimensions of irreducible modules

S Tobin (Galway) Groups with (ntn \mapsto t)

T Laffey (Dublin) Max com subalgebras of algebras

M Newell (Galway) Metabelian groups of exponent 8, II


David Lewis (Dublin, U.C.D.) Brauer groups and the Merkurjev-Suslin Theorem

Rex Dark (Galway, U.C.G.) Isotropic tensors and symmetric group algebras

Mark Cartwright (Christ Church, Oxford) Bounded conjugacy conditions

Charles Leedham-Green (London, Q.M.C.) Space groups and p-groups

Pat Fitzpatrick (Cork, U.C.C.) Some questions on conjugacy

Martin Newell (Galway, U.C.G.) On 2-generator metabelian groups of prime-power exponent

Marty Isaacs (Wisconsin) Characters of soluble groups

Ted Hurley (Galway, U.C.G.) What can you do with a set of variables?

Problem Session


S J Tobin (Galway) Razmyslow Algebras

M Ó Searcoid (Cork) Comhaireamh p-Pho-ghrúpai

T G Murphy (T.C.D.) Tensor Groups

G D James (Cambridge) A q-Analogue of the Symmetric Group Algebra

T J Laffey (U.C.D.) Some Maximal Subgroups of the General Linear Group

D W Lewis (U.C.D.) Sums of Squares in Division Algebras

P D MacHale (U.C.C.) The Relation between G| G | and AutG| Aut G | for a Finite Group G

T O Hawkes (Warwick) Linear Methods in Soluble Groups


D W Hughes (Galway) Modules and Root Systems

R Dimitrić (Kevin St, Dublin) Abelian Goups and Axiomatic Set Theory

J Rotman (Illinois/London) Finite Projective Planes, Graphs, and Symplectic Groups

R J Higgs (Univ. College, Dublin) Degrees of Projective Representations

M Edjvet (Brunel, London) Group Presentations and Simplicial Complexes

D B Redmond (Maynooth) Groups in Chemistry

M J Barry (Carysfort) Order Conjugacy in Groups of Lie Type

C M Campbell (St Andrews) Presentations for Certain Perfect Groups


T C Hurley (Galway) Free Products

P Fitzpatrick (Cork) Groups with Few Automorphism Orbits

R O Watson (Maynooth) Finite Varieties

W M L Holcombe (Sheffield) Algebraic Methods of System Specification

R Gow (Univ. College, Dublin) Realizing Groups as Galois Groups over Algebraic Number Fields

D J Simms (Trinity Coll, Dublin) Lie Groups and Poisson Algebras

E F Robertson (St Andrews) Non-abelian Tensor Products and Tietze Transformations


G Ellis (Galway) Groups with category structures

N Gilbert (Bangor) Factor stabilisers in the automorphism group of a free product

T Laffey (U.C. Dublin) Order-transitive groups

D MacHale (Cork) Automorphisms of groups sending many elements to their nth powers -- a survey of results

M Newman (Canberra) Groups of exponent four

G Sherman (Terre Haute) What is the probability that a subgroup is normal?

E Ormerod (Canberra) The Wielandt subgroup of a metacyclic p-group

B McCann (Galway) Examples of normal products

B Goldsmith (Dublin I.T.) Maximal order abelian subgroups of symmetric groups

E O'Brien (Canberra) Algorithm for the determination of finite p-groups

S Andreadakis (Athens) Residually finite HNN extensions of abelian groups

L Kovacs (Canberra) Classification of varieties of groups


J J Ward (Galway) A survey of subnormal groups

T Vougiouklis (Xanthi) On some representations of hypergroups

P Fitzpatrick (Cork) Some applications of group theory to codes

H Heineken (Wurzburg) E-groups

R Gow (U.C. Dublin) The discriminant of a polynomial and its uses in field theory

M D Atkinson (Carleton) The zig-zag structure of permutations

L-C Kappe (New York) Ring analogues of some group-theoretical concepts

A Wegner (St Andrews) GAP


J McDermott (Galway) Remarks on dense permutation groups

B McCann (Waterford) Fitting Classes and groups with many minimal normal subgroups

C K Gupta (Manitoba) Automorphisms of certain finitely generated solvable groups

B Amberg (Mainz) Factorised Groups

T Laffey (Dublin) Some commutator-related results on linear groups and applications

N Gilbert (London) Dependence among relations in group presentations

D Cohen (London) String rewriting and Homology

M Curzio (Naples) Sets of permutable subgroups in a group

G Higman (Oxford) Some explicit embeddings of finitely presented groups

P Neumann (Oxford) Suborbits of infinite permutation groups

N D Gupta (Manitoba) Latest on dimension subgroups

T Hurley (Galway) Commutator Subgroups

D MacHale (Cork) Determining all finite groups whose automorphism group is a p-group

B Goldsmith (Dublin) Constructing indecomposable abelian groups which are almost free


T Hurley (Galway) Every group is isomorphic to a quotient of a free group

C Scoppola (Trento) Thin p-groups

J Buckley (Michigan & Cardiff) A generalization of Hamiltonian Groups

J O'Connor (St Andrews) Teaching Group Theory with MACTUTOR

R Dark (Galway) On certain p-groups with many commutators

P Murphy (Carlow) Commutator subgroups of groups with small central factor groups

Problem Session

D MacHale (Cork) Automorphism groups of Odd Order

D Johnson (Nottingham) Growth of Groups


A Christofides (Galway) Galois groups and Riemann surfaces

R Sheehy (Cork) Frobenius's Conjecture

H Smith (Bucknell & Cardiff) Some remarks on maximal subgroups of infinite groups

K Hutchinson (Dublin) Galois group actions on classgroups

E Robertson (St Andrews) Semigroup presentations

B Hartley (Manchester) Simple locally finite groups


J Burns (Galway) Groups and Riemannian Geometry

J Ward (Galway) Group character degrees and conjugacy class lengths

R Watson (Maynooth) Tangent stars as modules

G Ellis (Galway) Tensor Products of Groups

C Campbell (St Andrews) Computing efficient presentations

M Newell (Galway) Engel elements 3.2


B McCann (Waterford) Products of certain p-groups

P Fitzpatrick (Cork) Minimal elements in Gröbner bases of certain polynomial modules

R Brown (Bangor) Computing with 2-dimensional groups

R Gow (U.C.D.) A survey of algebra textbooks through the ages

S Pride (Glasgow) Monoids, 2-complexes and groups

C Wensley (Bangor) Crossed modules in GAP

E Robertson (St Andrews) A Reidemeister-Schreier theorem for semigroups


J McDermott (Galway) The skeleton of a group

D L Johnson (Nottingham) Presentations of monoids

V Dlab (Carleton) Quasi-hereditary algebras

C Campbell (St Andrews) The efficiency of group presentations

D MacHale (Cork) Conjugate deficiency in finite groups

M Newman (Canberra) On groups with exponent four

F Levin Recent results on generalised triangle groups

R Stöhr (Manchester) Fixed points on free Lie algebras

T Laffey (Dublin) Groups of linear transformations preserving certain matrix functions

J Wiegold (Cardiff) Some problems in group theory

S Sehgal (Alberta) Torsion in matrices over ZG\mathbb{Z}G

H Smith (Bucknell) A problem on normal subgroups

P Neumann (Oxford) The past, present, and future of Frobenius groups


Graham Ellis (UCG) Applications of an exact sequence

Wolfgang Kappe (SUNY at Binghamton) Some subgroups defined by identities

David Lewis (UCD) Quadratic forms and Galois groups

Sudarshan Sehgal (Alberta) Free groups of units in ZG\mathbb{Z}G

Jozsef Pelikan (Eotvos, Budapest) Conjugacy classes of finite groups

Seymour Bachmuth (UC at Santa Barbara) Metabelian quotients and generalized Burnside groups

Luise-Charlotte Kappe (SUNY at Binghamton) On supplementation in groups


Sean Tobin (Galway) Burnside's legacy

Mike Newman (Canberra) Groups with exponent four revisited

Celinne Lossa (Rochester) Relations between the mod-pr Massey product and the mod-pr triple Whitehead product and possible applications

Roderick Gow (UC Dublin) Integral lattices and their role in group representation theory

Des MacHale (Cork) On the sum of the character degrees of a finite group

Ralph Stöhr (Manchester) On the module structure of free Lie algebras

Simone Pabst (DIT) Quasi-minimal abelian groups

Werner Nickel (St Andrews) Polynomials for nilpotent groups

Eamonn O'Brien (Auckland) Classifying p-groups by coclass


Dane Flannery (Galway) Classifying finite irreducible linear groups of low degree

Norberto Gavioli (L'Aquila) Frobenius-like partitions in linear groups of nilpotency class 2

Roger Bryant (Manchester) Automorphisms of relatively free groups

Alexei Krasil'nikov (Moscow) Identities in metanilpotent groups

Patrick Sole (Nice) The lifted Golay code, the Leech lattice, and the Harada designs

Howard Smith (Bucknell) A finiteness condition for locally soluble-by-finite groups

Luise-Charlottte Kappe (SUNY at Binghamton) Subnormality conditions in nontorsion groups

Derek Holt (Warwick) Computation in word hyperbolic groups

Sarah Rees (Newcastle) Combing groups through the Chomsky hierarchy

Jim Howie (Heriot-Watt) Rigidity of one-relator groups with centre

Goetz Pfeiffer (Galway) The parabolic table of marks, or how to decompose the descent algebra

Willem de Graaf (St Andrews) Constructing matrix representations of finitely presented torsion free nilpotent groups

Ralph Stoehr (Manchester) Invariant bases for free Lie algebras

Martin Bridson (Oxford) On the geometry of the word problem in finitely presented groups

Martin Dunwoody (Southampton) Geometric splittings of groups


N O'Sullivan (Galway) Localisations of virtually nilpotent groups

J Murray (Maynooth) Applications of character theory to finite groups

E Khukhro (Cardiff) From 'finite' to 'finite rank'

S Linton (St Andrews) Towards a general theory of Todd-Coxeter like techniques

M Batty (Galway) Asymptotic homology of graph groups

G Mason (Santa Cruz) When is a group algebra not a group algebra?


A Feldman (Galway/Franklin & Marshall College, PA) Fischer F-groups and F-injectors

D MacHale (Cork) Converse Lagrange groups

R Esteban-Romero (Valencia) On a question of Beidleman and Robinson

H Smith (Bucknell PA) Subnormality and nilpotency in infinite groups

E O'Brien (Auckland) Constructing the automorphism group of a p-group

D Perez-Ramos (Valencia) Fitting classes and lattice formations in finite soluble groups

M Batty (Dublin) Parallel algorithms in hyperbolic groups

A Martinez-Pastor (Valencia) Factorisations of finite soluble groups and formations

C Leedham-Green (London) Strategies for recognising matrix groups


R Dark (Galway) Generalisations of Sylow's theorems

R Shwartz (Heriot-Watt) Certain equations of length six over free products

R Gow (UCD) The Steinberg lattice of a finite Chevalley group

C Campbell (St Andrews) The semigroup efficiency of groups

E Robertson (St Andrews) The Fibonacci length of groups

C Casolo (Florence) Groups with all subgroups subnormal

O Puglisi (Florence) Group algebras of locally finite simple groups

C Griffin (Oxford) Associating algebraic varieties to infinite nilpotent groups using zeta functions

A Detinko Deciding finiteness for matrix groups over fields of positive characteristic

G Hiss (Aachen) Low dimensional representations of quasi-simple groups


M Newell (Galway) On Sanov-compounds

S O'Rourke (Cork) On free actions on treelike objects

R Brown (Bangor) Calculating resolutions for graphs of groups

M Ladra (Santiago de Compostela) Homology of precrossed modules

J Cruickshank (Galway) Equivariant homotopy theory

R Quinlan (Dublin) Covering groups of elementary abelian groups

T Brady (Dublin) Lattices in finite real reflection groups

I Kholodna (Cork) Classifying spaces for dihedral groups

T Laffey (Dublin) The structure of some groups arising from integer matrices

S Paoli (Warwick) Cohomology of crossed modules with coefficients in a π1π_{1}-module

H Smith (Bucknell) Subgroups of infinite index in soluble groups

D MacHale (Cork) Which groups are commutator subgroups?

E Sköldberg (Stockholm) to be announced

K Hutchinson (Dublin) K-theory of rings of integers

E Robertson (St Andrews) Searching for group presentations


A Feldman (Franklin and Marshall) Properties implying normal embeddings in soluble groups

R Morse (Evansville) Computing the nonabelian tensor squares of the free 2-Engel groups

C Scoppola (L'Aquila) From Camina groups to normally constrained pro-p-groups

R Higgs (University College Dublin) Some inequalities concerning the order of the Schur multiplier of a finite group

C M Campbell (St Andrews) Fibonacci and groups

T Laffey (University College Dublin) The Smith normal form of diagonalizable matrices with some applications

Emil Sköldberg (Galway) Cohomology of Coxeter and generalized braid groups

L Kappe (SUNY at Binghamton) Capable groups and nonabelian tensor squares

G Mason (UC Santa Cruz) Mirror pairs of finite groups


Gerald Williams (Galway) Free subgroups in groups defined by periodic paired relations

Claas Röver (Trinity College Dublin) Groups related to formal languages

Edmund Robertson (St Andrews) Problems on group presentations revisited

Dmitri Zaitsev (Trinity College Dublin) Lie group structures on CR automorphism groups

Martin Bridson (Oxford) Non-positive curvature, fibre products, and a problem of Grothendieck

Patrick Dehornoy (Caen) The group of fractal braids

Alla Detinko (Polotsk) Algorithmic problems in computing with matrix groups

Bettina Eick (Braunschweig) On the classification of p-groups by coclass

Alexander Lichtman (Wisconsin-Parkside) Restricted Lie algebras of polycyclic groups

Hamish Short (Aix-Marseille) Solving conjugacy problems in hyperbolic groups


Seán Tobin (NUI, Galway) Opening address

John McDermott (NUI, Galway) On theorems of Higman and Wielandt

Rachel Quinlan (UC Dublin) p-Groups and spaces of alternating bilinear forms

Tom Laffey (UC Dublin) Jordan forms in small characteristic

Stewart Stonehewer (Warwick) Some new results on quasinormal subgroups

Francisco de Giovanni (Universita di Napoli) Groups with few normalizer subgroups

Geoff Smith (Bath) Cyclizers and a question of Peter Cameron

Warwick de Launey (Center for Communications Research, USA) Group actions on Paley matrices

Luise-Charlotte Kappe (SUNY) Variations on a theme of Desmond MacHale

Des MacHale (UC Cork) Some supersolvability conditions for finite groups

Colin Campbell (St Andrews) The Fibonacci lengths of binary polyhedral groups and related groups

Robert F Morse (University of Evansville, USA) Advances in computing the nonabelian tensor square of polycyclic groups

Alla Detinko (NUI Galway/Belarus) Locally nilpotent linear groups

Hermann Heineken (Universität Würzburg) Groups all of whose subgroups are p-groups

Rex Dark (NUI, Galway) Two problems in group theory


Götz Pfeiffer (NUI Galway) Relatives of the symmetric group algebra

Cedric Bonnafé (Université de Franche-Comté) Representation theory of the Mantaci-Reutenauer algebra

Sarah Rees (University of Newcastle) How good is Dehn's algorithm?

Chiara Tamburini (Universita Cattolicà del Sacro Cuore) (2,3,7)-generated groups of small rank

Rod Gow (University College Dublin) Algebraic problems suggested by the study of Costas arrays

John Murray (NUI Maynooth) Unusual properties of group algebras in characteristic 2

Rosemary Bailey (Queen Mary, University of London) Another proof of Sylow's theorems

Poster Session

Peter Cameron (Queen Mary, University of London) Derangements

Martyn Quick (University of St Andrews) Groups whose proper quotients are virtually abelian

Gretchen Ostheimer (Hofstra University) Formal languages and the word problem

Shane O'Rourke (Cork Institute of Technology) Isometric actions on R-trees via pretrees


John McDermott (NUI Galway) Some highly transitive groups

Dave Johnson (University of Nottingham) Power series under substitution

Howard Smith (Bucknell University) Countably recognizable classes of groups

Charles Leedham-Green (Queen Mary, University of London) Classifying p-groups by coclass

Bettina Eick (Technische Universität, Braunschweig) On Schur multiplicators and automorphism groups of p-groups

Colva Roney-Dougal (University of St Andrews) Computing with maximal subgroups

Poster Session

Des MacHale (University College Cork) Character degree sums in finite groups

Edmund Robertson (University of St Andrews) The Fa,b,cF^{a,b,c} conjecture is true

Peter Campbell (University of Bristol) Double cosets and K-types for p-adic GL(3)GL(3)

George Havas (University of Queensland) Perfect palindromic presentations


Dane Flannery (NUI, Galway) Group actions on pairwise combinatorial designs

Kevin Jennings (St Patrick's College, Dublin) Difference sets in abelian groups

Niamh O'Sullivan (Dublin City University) Residual properties of ascending HNN extensions

Colin Campbell (University of St Andrews) Presentations galore

Martin Edjvet (University of Nottingham) Embedding theorems for cyclically presented groups

Armando Martino (UPC Barcelona) A metric on outer space

Poster Session

Paul Flavell (University of Birmingham) A new proof of the solvable signalizer functor theorem

Ana Martinez-Pastor (Universidad Politecnica de Valencia) Some results on products of π-decomposable groups

Maria Dolores Perez-Ramos (Universidad de Valencia) On Sylow normalizers of finite groups

Nik Ruskuc (University of St Andrews) Some combinatorial properties of direct products of groups, semigroups and other algebraic structures


Leonard Soicher (Queen Mary) The joy of GAP packages

Will Dison (University of Bristol) Hugely distorted subgroups

Hannah Coutts (University of St Andrews) Computing normalizers of matrix groups

Bernard Hanzon (UCC) Financial mathematics, linear dynamical systems and orthogonal transformation groups

Tom Laffey (UCD) Solving matrix equations and Galois groups

Richard Weidmann (Heriot-Watt University) Minimal generating sets of Coxeter groups

Rachel Quinlan (NUI Galway) The early days of character theory

Michah Sageev (Technion, Israel) Quasi-isometries and right angled Artin groups

Inna (Korchagina) Capdeboscq (University of Warwick) Finite simple groups with double life

Benjamin Klopsch (Royal Holloway) Representation growth

Poster Session

Aisling Kenny (DCU) Homology of non-crossing partition lattices

James Mitchell (University of St Andrews) Generating the symmetric group and some related semigroups

José Burillo (Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya) Higher dimensional Thompson groups


Ted Hurley (NUI Galway) Some groups and elements of groups with whom we have some acquaintance but about whom we should know much more

Marcus Bishop (NUI Galway) A quiver presentation of the descent algebra of the symmetric group

Anne Henke (Oxford) Brauer diagrams, double cosets and a new Schur algebra

Ian Chiswell (Queen Mary, London) Embedding theorems for tree-free groups

David Lewis (UCD) Automorphisms and involutions of incidence algebras

Paul Hurley (IBM Research, Zurich) Aspects of algebra in signal processing and sparse sampling

Martin Newell (NUI Galway) Subgroups defined by commutator symmetries

Poster Session

Des MacHale (Cork) Some problems in group theory I cannot solve

Max Neunhöffer (St Andrews) Generalisations of small cancellation theory?!

Ken Johnson (Penn State Abington) Applications of group matrices: group presentations, group rings ...

Edmund Robertson (St Andrews) Efficiency -- a survey


Tobias Roßmann (NUI Galway) Irreducibility testing of nilpotent matrix groups

Dave Johnson (Nottingham) The Fibonacci story

Lars Louder (University of Michigan) Nielsen equivalence of generating sets for surface groups

Bettina Eick (TU Braunschweig) p-groups, coclass and Schur multiplicators

Matjaž Konvalinka (University of Ljubljana) Weighted branching rules for the hook lengths

Martin Newell (NUI Galway) Non-dissolvable groups

Everyone present Can we prove something worthwhile? --Mathematics live

Sinéad Lyle (University of East Anglia) Representations of the symmetric groups

Collin Bleak (University of St Andrews) Minimal non-solvable subgoups of Thompson's group F

Enric Ventura (Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya, Manresa) On the difficulty of inverting automorphisms of free groups


Martin Bridson (Oxford) Show me a finite quotient!

Jim Howie (Heriot-Watt) Killing numbers for free products

Conchita Martínez Pérez (Zaragoza) Equivarient Euler classes and posets of finite subgroups for certain solvable groups

Ian Leary (Southampton) Platonic polygonal complexes

Gerhard Röhrle (Bochum) Complete reducibility, geometric invariant theory and separability

Poster Session

Derek Holt (Warwick) Computation in finite matrix groups

Rachel Camina (Cambridge) The Nottingham group -- an introduction and a survey of recent results

Colva Roney-Dougal (St Andrews) Generalisations of small cancellation

Graham Ellis (NUI Galway) Cohomology of some arithmetic groups


Brita Nucinkis (Royal Holloway) Bredon cohomological finiteness conditions for generalisations of Thompson groups

Daniel Groves (Illinois) Recognizing 3-manifold groups using the word problem

Jérôme Lôs (Marseille) Volume entropy for surface groups via dynamics

Jean Gonzales-Meneses (Seville) Thurston meets Garside

Martyn Quick (St Andrews) Generators and relations for Thompson's group V

Jean-Baptiste Gramain (Aberdeen) Murnaghan-Nakayama rules and perfect isometries

Pascal Weil (Bordeaux) On random subgroups of free groups

Sean Cleary (New York) Some metric properties of Houghton's groups

Emil Sköldberg (Galway) Multiplicative structures in (co)homology


Philippe Elbaz-Vincent (Grenoble) The group K8(Z)K_{8}(\mathbb{Z}) is trivial

Herbert Gangl (Durham) On the homology of linear groups over imaginary quadratic fields

Michael Tuite (Galway) A brief history of Moonshine

Markus Linckelmann (London) A characterisation of nilpotent blocks

Radha Kessar (London) On transitive block fusion systems

Poster Session

Kevin Hutchinson (Dublin) Hilbert's third problem and scissors congruence groups

Grant Lakeland (Urbana-Champaign) Systoles and Dehn surgery for hyperbolic 3-manifolds

Jacques Thévenaz (Lausanne) From finite sets to group algebras


Nicolas Bergeron (Paris 7) Torsion homology and Bianchi modular forms

Tom De Medts (Ghent University) Jordan algebras and 3-transposition groups

Götz Pfeiffer (Galway) On the Complexity of Multiplication in the Hecke Algebra

Hans Cuypers (Eindhoven) A Geometric Approach to classical Lie Algebras

Alain Valette (Neuchâtel, Switzerland) Box spaces: bridging geometric and asymptotic group theory

Poster Session

Radu Stancu (Picardie - Jules Verne) Evaluations of simple biset functors

Serge Bouc (Picardie - Jules Verne) Representations of finite sets

Peter Kropholler (Southampton) New lines of attack on soluble groups and cohomology


John Burns (NUI Galway) Discrete Tori in Weyl groups and their applications

Shane O'Rourke (Cork Institute of Technology) A combination theorem for affine tree-free groups

Collin Bleak (University of St Andrews) On detecting solubility for finitely generated subgroups of the group PL0 (l)

Bob Oliver (Université Paris 13) Automorphisms and extensions of fusion systems

Ellen Henke (University of Aberdeen) Normal subsystems of fusion systems and partial normal subgroups of localities

Mark Lawson (Heriot-Watt University) Boolean full groups

Poster Session

Nadia Mazza (Lancaster University) On a pro-p group of upper triangular matrices

Peter Symonds (University of Manchester) Endotrivial modules for infinite groups

Francesco de Giovanni (University of Naples) The murdered cardinal: a countably recognizable crime

Said Sidki (Universidade de Brasilia) From the alternating groups to orthogonal groups over Laurent polynomial rings


Conchita Martínez-Pérez (Zaragoza) Homological dimension of solvable groups

Markus Szymik (Trondheim) Homology of the automorphism groups of free nilpotent groups

Derek Holt (Warwick) A new method for verifying the hyperbolicity of finitely presented groups

Lukasz Grabowski (Lancaster) Characterizing amenable groups via measurable variants of the Lovász Local Lemma

Murray Elder (Newcastle, Australia) Solving equations in virtually free groups

Karel Dekimpe (Kortrijk) The R -property for nilpotent and solvable quotients of groups

Juan Souto (Rennes) Surface groups acting on the interval

Damian Osajda (Wroclaw) Group cubization

Martin Newell (NUI Galway) Random thoughts

Péter Pálfy (Alfréd Rényi Institute, Budapest) Elliptic curves and finite p-groups

Eric Swenson (Brigham Young) Two shall be the number of the counting

Arnold Feldman (Franklin & Marshall) System permutability and nilpotent length


Martin Newell (NUI Galway) Opening remarks

John Sheekey (UCD) Semifields and subspaces of matrices over finite fields

Eoin Long (Oxford) Recent results on set intersections

Maura Paterson (Birbeck) Reciprocally-weighted external difference families

Daniel Horsley (Monash) Symmetric coverings and the Bruck-Ryser-Chowla theorem

Bettina Eick (Braunschweig) The groups of order pn q

Götz Pfeiffer (Galway) Bisets and the double Burnside algebra of a finite group

Ronan Egan (Rijeka) Using groups to construct combinatorial structures and codes

Rob Craigen (Manitoba) Signed groups, cocycles, and orthogonal matrices

Ann Trenk (Wellesley) The distinguishing chromatic number and NG-graphs


Angela Carnevale (Galway) Partial equality and word problems

Yiftach Barnea (Royal Holloway, University of London) Survey of new developments in subgroup growth

Marta Morigi (Bologna) On groups with restricted centralizers of w-values

H. Dugald Macpherson (Leeds) Jordan permutation groups: examples, classifications, and applications

Christopher Voll (Bielefeld) Normal subgroup growth of free nilpotent groups under base extension  wild or uniform?

Kevin Hutchinson (University College Dublin) Galois Theory and the cyclic quantum dilogarithm

Poster session

James D Mitchell (St Andrews) Uniqueness and non-uniqueness of Polish semigroup topologies

Scott Harper (Bristol) The spread and uniform domination of finite groups

Oihana Garaialde Ocaña (University of the Basque Country) Pro-p groups of positive rank gradient and Hausdorff dimension
Compiled by Colin M Campbell