Mathematical Association Presidential Addresses

The Association for the Improvement of Geometrical Teaching changed its name to The Mathematical Association in 1897.  The first Annual Meeting of the Mathematical Association was in 1898.  Formal Presidential Addresses started with Professor G H Bryan in 1908. Normally Presidential Addresses were given at the end of each year of the term. One-year terms started in 1934.
Year President Presidential Address
1898 Professor A Lodge> No address
1899 Professor A Lodge No address
1900 Professor Sir Robert S Ball No address
1901 Professor Sir Robert S Ball No address
1902 Mr J F Moulton No address
1903 Mr J F Moulton No address
1904 Professor A R Forsyth No address
1905 Professor A R Forsyth No address
1906 Mr G B Mathews No address
1907 Mr G B Mathews No address
1908 Professor G H Bryan The uses of mathematics and the training of the mathematical teacher
1909 Professor G H Bryan Retiring address with no title
1910 Professor H H Turner Mathematics and 'general education'
1911 Professor H H Turner The outer satellites of Saturn and Jupiter
1912 Professor E W Hobson The democratization of mathematical education
1913 Professor E W Hobson On geometrical constructions by means of the compass
1914 Mr A G Greenhill The use of mathematics
1915 Mr A G Greenhill Mathematics in artillery science
1916 Professor A N Whitehead The aims of education - a plea for reform
1917 Professor A N Whitehead Technical education and its relation to science and literature
1918 Professor T P Nunn Mathematics and individuality
1919 Professor T P Nunn Astronomy as a school subject
1920 Professor E T Whittaker Some mathematical problems awaiting solution
1920 Professor E T Whittaker No address
1921 Rev Canon J M Wilson The early history of the Association, or, the passing of Euclid from our schools and universities. And how it came about. A story of fifty years ago
1922 Rev Canon J M Wilson No address
1923 Sir Thomas L Heath Greek geometry with special reference to infinitesimals
1924 Sir Thomas L Heath No address
1925 Professor G H Hardy What is geometry?
1926 Professor G H Hardy The case against the mathematical tripos
1927 Professor M J M Hill On the teaching of mathematics
1928 Professor M J M Hill The logical eye and the mathematical eye
1929 Dr W F Sheppard Variety of method in the teaching of arithmetic
1930 Dr W F Sheppard Mathematics for the study of frequency statistics
1931 Prof Sir A S Eddington The end of the world from the standpoint of mathematical physics
1932 Prof Sir A S Eddington The decline of determinism
1933 Professor G N Watson The marquis and the land agent
1934 Professor G N Watson Scraps from some mathematical notebooks
1935 Professor E H Neville The food of the gods
1936 Mr A W Siddons Progress
1937 Professor A R Forsyth Applied mathematics in school training
1938 Professor L N G Filon Mass and force in Newtonian mechanics.
[Read by Professor G B Jeffery]
1939 Mr W Hope-Jones Simplicity and the truthfulness in arithmetic
1944 Mr W C Fletcher No address
1945 Mr C O Tuckey Teachers and examiners
1946 Professor S Chapman University training of mathematicians
1947 Mr W F Bushell A century of school mathematics
1948 Professor G B Jeffery Mathematics as an educational experience
1949 Sir Harold Spencer Jones The measurement of time (given January 1950)
1950 Mr A Robson How they learnt 1600 - 1850 (given April 1949)
1951 Professor H R Hassé My fifty years of mathematics
1952 Dr M L Cartwright Non-linear vibrations: a chapter in mathematical history
1953 Mr K S Snell School mathematics today and tomorrow
1954 Prof T A A Broadbent Printer's ink and the teacher
1955 Professor W V D Hodge Changing views of geometry
1956 Mr G L Parsons "Teaching the teacher"
1957 Professor G F J Temple The growth of mathematics
1958 Mr W J Langford Secondary school mathematics: an international survey
1959 Prof M H A Newman What is mathematics? New answers to an old question
1960 Miss L D Adams Full cycle
1961 Dr E A Maxwell Pastors and masters
1962 Mr J T Combridge Mathematics - slave, servant or sovereign?
1963 Professor V C A Ferraro The scientific exploration of outer space since the time of Galileo
1964 Mr J B Morgan The thirteenth grade
1965 Dr I W Busbridge Robbins - and all that
1966 Mrs E M Williams The changing role of mathematics in education
1967 Mr F W Kellaway The teacher of mathematics and society
1968 Mr A P Rollett Class consciousness
1969 Professor C A Coulson On liking mathematics
1970 Lady Bertha Jeffreys An easy commerce of the old and the new
1971 Professor M J Lighthill The art of teaching the art of applying mathematics
1972 Mr B T Bellis Whatever next?
1973 Mr C T Daltry Difficulties - a voice from the past
1974 Professor W H McCrea Natural philosophy
1975 Mrs M Hayman To each according to his needs
1975 Professor R L Goodstein Inauguration of the New Headquarters
1976 Professor R L Goodstein Arithmetic without sets [Read by Dr E A Maxwell]
1977 Dr E Kerr Some thoughts on the educational system and mathematics teaching
1978 Professor G Matthews Sausages and bananas
1979 Mr A R Tammadge Creativity
1980 Professor C W Kilmister Zeno, Aristotle, Weyl and Shuard: two-and-a-half millennia of worries over number
1981 Mr D A Quadling Pressures and priorities
1982 Professor M F Atiyah What is geometry?
1983 Mr F J Budden Accuracy is a virtue
1984 Prof R L Schwarzenberger The importance of mistakes
1985 Mr P B Coaker Why teach mathematics?
1986 Miss H B Shuard Primary mathematics: towards 2000
1987 Mrs A Straker The challenge to change
1988 Dr M E Rayner On examinations
1989 Professor A G Howson New challenges
1990 Mr P Reynolds Full circle
1991 Professor M L Brown The second iteration
1992 Dr A J Bishop Visions, mechanisms and professionals
1993 Mr J Hersee AIMS
1994 Dr W Wynne Wilson Five types of ambiguity
1995 Dr M Bradburn The borders of mathematics and natural philosophy
1996 Mr E R Ashley From a still point on a turning world
1997 Mr W P Richardson Why are we here?
1998 Dr A D Gardiner The art of knowing
1999 Professor J C Robson Something interesting!
2000 Professor J S Berry Developing the mathematical feel
2001 Mr S Abbott Rank and file: vision and visualisations
2002 Dr S Sanders Tales from the mathematical classroom
2003 Mr B Lewis Taking perspective
2004 Prof Sir E C Zeeman Three-dimensional theorems for schools
2005 Professor A McBride Mathematics: The greatest subject in the world
2006 Mrs S Singer Sailing through mathematics
2007 Mr D French Simplicity and surprise in school mathematics
2008 Mr R Eastaway Joined up mathematics
2009 Mr R Barbour A manifesto for mathematics
2010 Mrs J Imrie Progressing through mathematics
2011 Dr D Acheson What's the problem with maths?
2012 Dr P Andrews Learning from others: Can PISA and TIMSS really inform curriculum developments in mathematics?
2013 Professor M du Sautoy Teaching the Shakespeare of mathematics
2014 Mr P Ransom Triumphs and tribulations in teaching
2015 Mrs L McClure Looking backward, looking forward
2016 Dr P M Neumann Inspiring teachers
2017 Dr J Golding Is it mathematics or is it school mathematics?
2018 Mr T Roper Adventures in shape and space