AWM-AMS Noether Lecture

The Noether Lecture is a distinguished lecture series that honours women "who have made fundamental and sustained contributions to the mathematical sciences".

The Association for Women in Mathematics established the annual lectures in 1980.
In 2013 it was renamed the AWM-AMS Noether Lecture and since 2015 is sponsored jointly with the American Mathematical Society.

It should not be confused with the International Mathematical Union sponsored ICM Emmy Noether lectures whose details can be found at THIS LINK.

1980F Jessie MacWilliamsA Survey of Coding Theory
1981Olga Taussky-ToddThe Many Aspects of Pythagorean Triangles
1982Julia RobinsonFunctional Equations in Arithmetic
1983Cathleen S MorawetzHow Do Perturbations of the Wave Equation Work
1984Mary Ellen RudinParacompactness
1985Jane Cronin ScanlonA Model of Cardiac Fiber: Problems in Singularly Perturbed Systems
1986Yvonne Choquet-BruhatOn Partial Differential Equations of Gauge Theories and General Relativity
1987Joan S BirmanStudying Links via Braids
1988Karen K UhlenbeckMoment Maps in Stable Bundles: Where Analysis Algebra and Topology Meet
1989Mary F WheelerLarge Scale Modeling of Problems Arising in Flow in Porous Media
1990Bhama SrinivasanThe Invasion of Geometry into Finite Group Theory
1991Alexandra BellowAlmost Everywhere Convergence: The Case for the Ergodic Viewpoint
1992Nancy KopellOscillators and Networks of Them: Which Differences Make a Difference
1993Linda KeenHyperbolic Geometry and Spaces of Riemann Surfaces
1994Lesley SibnerAnalysis in Gauge Theory
1995Judith D SallyMeasuring Noetherian Rings
1996Olga OleinikOn Some Homogenization Problems for Differential Operators
1997Linda Preiss RothschildHow Do Real Manifolds Live in Complex Space
1998Dusa McDuffSymplectic Structures - A New Approach to Geometry
1999Krystyna M KuperbergAperiodic Dynamical Systems
2000Margaret H WrightThe Mathematics of Optimization
2001Sun-Yung Alice ChangNonlinear Equations in Conformal Geometry
2002Lenore BlumComputing Over the Reals: Where Turing Meets Newton
2003Jean TaylorFive Little Crystals and How They Grew
2004Svetlana KatokSymbolic Dynamics for Geodesic Flows
2005Lai-Sang YoungFrom Limit Cycles to Strange Attractors
2006Ingrid DaubechiesMathematical Results and Challenges in Learning Theory
2007Karen VogtmannAutomorphisms of Groups, Outer Space, and Beyond
2008Audrey A TerrasFun With Zeta Functions of Graphs
2009Fan Chung GrahamNew Directions in Graph Theory
2010Carolyn S GordonYou Can't Hear the Shape of a Manifold
2011Susan MontgomeryOrthogonal Representations: From Groups to Hopf Algebras
2012Barbara KeyfitzConservation Laws - Not Exactly a la Noether
2013Raman ParimalaA Hasse principle for quadratic forms over function fields
2014Georgia BenkartWalking on Graphs the Representation Theory Way
2015Wen-Ching Winnie LiModular forms for congruence and noncongruence
2016Karen E SmithThe Power of Noether's Ring Theory in Understanding Singularities of Complex Algebraic Varieties
2017Lisa JeffreyCohomology of Symplectic Quotients
2018Jill PipherNonsmooth Boundary Value Problems
2019Bryna KraDynamics of systems with low complexity
2020Birgit SpehBranching Laws for Representations of Non Compact Orthogonal Groups
2021Lecture cancelled
2022Marianna CsörnyeiThe Kakeya needle problem for rectifiable sets

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