Colloquium photo 1930

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THIRD ROW STANDING, Dr R Schlapp, J M Meiklejohn, Rev C G Lambe, F L Jukes, D E Rutherford, Dr Timms, A S Roy, Prof Rowe, Dr Rosenhead, J W Harmer, Miss Meyler, Miss Easton, Mrs Rose, A N Fitzgerald, W M Inverarity, H F Rose

SECOND ROW STANDING, Rev J R Colthurst, Mrs Colthurst, F L Grace, Miss McDiarmid, Dr McCrea, Dr Cooper, D P Dalzell, M Mursi, Prof Semple, Miss Whittaker, Prof McConnell, D Howat, Prof Synge, A Inglis, T S Broderick, J Cassels, Miss Philip, Miss Read, J A McBride, S B Bishara, J Rodger, A Y Amin

FIRST ROW STANDING, Dr Whittaker, Prof B B Baker, D Gibb, Rev J Taylor, J W Rowley, Dr van der Pohl, Prof Beulah Russell, *Dr Mary Cartwright*, Miss Stanley, Dr Bath, A V Lothian, W Barrett, Dr McVittie, E S Awad, W G McLintock, Miss A M Moore, Rev C W O'Hara, N G Bakhoom, A H Lufti

FIRST ROW SEATED, Dr Dougall, Prof Ince, Prof Noble, Dr Richmond, Prof Darwin, Mrs Turnbull, Prof Turnbull, Prof Levi-Civita, Prof Steggall, Prof Whittaker, Prof H F Baker, Mme Myller-Lebedeff, Dr Aitken, Prof Titchmarsh, Prof Myller, H S Ruse, Dr Copson

ON GROUND, J F Ramsey, W H Ingham, D G Turnbull, Miss Hiden, Miss Simpson, *Dr Mary Taylor*, Miss MacDonald, Miss Constable, G S Eastwood

*Names in green have entries in the Davis archive of women graduates