Colloquium photo 1938

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BACK ROW, C Gilbert, G J Macintyre, R W Oliver, *K Fuchs*, J B Marshal, S A Scott, B Babington-Smith, W L Edge, G Nimms, B B Baker, L M Brown, P G Gormley, H St J Atkins, J Todd, H S A Potter, O McKenna, E N Rowland, A O'Rahilly, T G Cowling

FOURTH ROW, J C P Miller, A Inglis, M J Newell, M D McCarthy, J B Henderson, W R B Hynd, A Prag, F Smithies, R D Misra, D P Dugue, E W Kellermann, W M Inverarity, F J O'Connor, T S Graham, J M Whittaker, C Strachan, M Power, A J McConnell, R A Smith

THIRD ROW, R A M Kearney, Miss E Raybould, Mrs A C Menzies, Mrs J C P Miller, Mrs Colthurst, Rev J R Colthurst, Miss E Hamilton-Smith, Miss A M Trout, Miss I W Busbridge, Mrs R P Gillespie, R P Gillespie, F Bath, Mrs J M Whittaker, Mrs Copson, Miss A Falconer, Miss K Sarginson, Miss G E Muddle, Miss O Taussky, Miss N McKenna, Mrs McConnell, D Gibb, Mrs Sprague, P Browne, A Sprague, J A McBride

SECOND ROW SEATED, I M H Etherington, D E Rutherford, W Ledermann, W O Kermack, A C Aitken, E T Whittaker, L F Richardson, A W Conway, G Lawson, G D Birkhoff, O Neugebauer, M Frechet, E Cunningham, H W Turnbull, Mrs Turnbull, Mrs E T Whittaker, Miss M Conway

FRONT ROW ON GROUND, B Spain, A C Menzies, E T Copson, Miss R Sprague, Mrs Kermack, Mrs W H McCrea, W H McCrea, H S Ruse, A N Fitzgerald, Miss M S Black, Miss E A G Knowles

*Klaus Fuchs was an atomic scientist who was arrested in 1950 for spying for the Soviet Union

Names in green have entries in the Davis archive of women graduates