Mathematicians Of The Day

29th January

On this day in 1670, James Gregory wrote to John Collins:
Mr Barrow, in his Optics, showed himself a most subtle geometer, so that I think him superior to any that ever I looked upon: I long exceedingly to see his geometrical lectures, especially because I have some notions upon that same subject by me. I entreat you to send them to me presently as they come from the press, for I esteem the author more than you can easily imagine.

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Quotation of the day

From Eduard Kummer
It is greatly to be lamented that this virtue of the real integers that they can be decomposed into prime factors which are always the same for a given integer does not belong to the complex integers [of arbitrary cyclotomic number fields], for were this the case, the entire theory, which is still labouring under many difficulties, could easily be resolved and brought to a conclusion.
De numeris complexis, qui radicibus unitatis et numeris integris realibus constant 1847