Norbert Wiener Prize of the AMS

The Norbert Wiener Prize, to be awarded for:-
... applied mathematics in the highest and broadest sense ...
was established in 1967 to honour Norbert Wiener. It was endowed by a fund from the Department of Mathematics of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The prize is jointly made by the American Mathematical Society and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. Only members of the two societies resident in the United States, Canada, or Mexico are eligible.

1970 Richard E Bellman
... for his pioneering work in the area of dynamic programming, and for his related work on control, stability, and differential-delay equations.
1975 Peter D Lax
... for his broad contributions to applied mathematics, in particular, for his work on numerical and theoretical aspects of partial differential equations and on scattering theory.
1980 Tosio Kato
... for his distinguished work in the perturbation theory of quantum mechanics.
1980 Gerald B Whitham
... for his broad contributions to the understanding of fluid dynamical phenomena and his innovative contributions to the methodology through which that understanding can be constructed.
1985 Clifford S Gardner
... for his contributions to applied mathematics in the areas of supersonic aerodynamics, plasma physics and hydromagnetics, and especially for his contributions to the truly remarkable development of inverse scattering theory for the solution of nonlinear partial differential equations.
1990 Michael Aizenman
... for his outstanding contribution of original and non-perturbative mathematical methods in statistical mechanics by means of which he was able to solve several long open important problems concerning critical phenomena, phase transitions, and quantum field theory; and to Jerrold E Marsden for his outstanding contributions to the study of differential equations in mechanics: he proved the existence of chaos in specific classical differential equations; his work on the momentum map, from abstract foundations to detailed applications, has had great impact.
1995 Hermann Flaschka
... for deep and original contributions to our understanding of completely integrable systems; and to Ciprian Foias, for basic contributions to operator theory, analysis, and dynamics and their applications.
2000 Alexandre J Chorin
... in recognition of his seminal work in computational fluid dynamics, statistical mechanics, and turbulence; and to Arthur T Winfree in recognition of his profound impact on the field of biological rhythms, otherwise known as coupled nonlinear oscillators.
2004 James A Sethian
... for his seminal work on the computer representation of the motion of curves, surfaces, interfaces, and wave fronts, and for his brilliant applications of mathematical and computational ideas to problems in science and engineering.
2007 Craig Tracy and Harold Widom
... for their deep and original work on Random Matrix Theory, a subject which has remarkable applications across the scientific spectrum, from the scattering of neutrons off large nuclei to the behaviour of the zeros of the Riemann zeta-function.
2010 David L Donoho
... for introducing novel fundamental and powerful mathematical tools in signal processing and image analysis.
2013 Andrew Majda
... for his groundbreaking work in theoretical fluid mechanics and its application to problems in atmospheric science and oceanography.
2016 Constantine M Dafermos
... for his foundational work in partial differential equations and continuum physics.
2019 Arkadi Nemirovski
... for his fundamental contributions to high-dimensional optimization and for his discovery of key phenomena in the theory of signal estimation and recovery.
2019 Marsha Berger
... for her fundamental contributions to adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) ...

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