American Mathematical Society Colloquium Lecturers

The New York Mathematical Society changed its name to the American Mathematical Society and held its first meeting in Brooklyn in 1894 under its new name. At this meeting G W Hill was elected President.

Two summer meetings were held while Hill was President, but in conjunction with the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The first was held in Springfield, Massachusetts in the summer of 1895, the second at Buffalo, New York in the summer of 1896

T S Fiske writes:-

The summer meeting at Buffalo in 1896 is memorable for the first colloquium of the Society. The colloquium was the idea of Professor H S White, then at Northwestern University, who had been one of the leading spirits in the organisation of the colloquium held at Evanston in connection with the World's Fair at Chicago.
An article on the first four colloquia is at THIS LINK.

The Colloquium of the American Mathematical Society was born and continues today with the list of speakers through the years listed.

1896 James Pierpont
1896 Maxime Bôcher
1898 W F Osgood
1898 A G Webster
1901 Oskar Bolza
1901 E W Brown
1903 H S White
1903 F S Woods
1903 E B Van Vleck
1906 Eliakim Moore
1906 E J Wilczynski
1906 Max Mason
1909 G A Bliss
1909 Edward Kasner
1913 L E Dickson
1913 W F Osgood
1916 G C Evans
1916 Oswald Veblen
1920 G D Birkhoff
1920 F R Moulton
1925 L P Eisenhart
1925 Dunham Jackson
1927 E T Bell
1927 Anna Pell-Wheeler
1928 A B Coble
1929 Robert Moore
1930 Solomon Lefschetz
1931 Marston Morse
1932 J F Ritt
1934 R E A C Paley
1934 Norbert Wiener
1935 H S Vandiver
1936 E W Chittenden
1937 John von Neumann
1939 Abraham Albert
1939 M H Stone
1940 G T Whyburn
1941 Oystein Ore
1942 R L Wilder
1943 E J McShane
1944 Einar Hille
1945 Tibor Radó
1946 Hassler Whitney
1947 Oscar Zariski
1948 Richard Brauer
1949 G A Hedlund
1951 Deane Montgomery
1952 Alfred Tarski
1953 Antoni Zygmund
1955 Nathan Jacobson
1956 Salomon Bochner
1957 N E Steenrod
1959 J L Doob
1960 S S Chern
1961 G W Mackey
1963 Saunders Mac Lane
1964 C B Morrey Jr
1965 A P Calderón
1967 Samuel Eilenberg
1968 D C Spencer
1968 J W Milnor
1969 Raoul H Bott
1969 Harish-Chandra
1970 R H Bing
1971 Lipman Bers
1971 Armand Borel
1972 Stephen Smale
1972 John T Tate
1973 M F Atiyah
1973 E A Bishop
1973 F E Browder
1974 Louis Nirenberg
1974 John G Thompson
1975 H Jerome Keisler
1975 Ellis R Kolchin
1975 Elias M Stein
1976 I M Singer
1976 Jürgen K Moser
1977 William Browder
1977 Herbert Federer
1978 Hyman Bass
1979 Phillip A Griffiths
1979 George D Mostow
1980 Julia Robinson
1980 Wolfgang M Schmidt
1981 Mark Kac
1981 Serge Lang
1982 Dennis Sullivan
1982 Morris W Hirsch
1983 Charles L Fefferman
1983 Bertram Kostant
1984 Barry Mazur
1984 Paul H Rabinowitz
1985 Daniel Gorenstein
1985 Karen K Uhlenbeck
1986 Shing-Tung Yau
1987 Peter D Lax
1987 Edward Witten
1988 Victor W Guillemin
1989 Nicholas Katz
1989 William P Thurston
1990 Shlomo Sternberg
1991 Robert D MacPherson
1992 Robert P Langlands
1993 Luis A Caffarelli
1993 Sergiu Klainerman
1994 Jean Bourgain
1995 Clifford H Taubes
1996 Andrew Wiles
1997 Daniel W Stroock
1998 Gian-Carlo Rota
1999 Helmut H Hofer
2000 Curtis T. McMullen
2001 János Kollár
2002 Lawrence C Evans
2003 Peter Sarnak
2004 Sun-Yung Alice Chang
2005 Robert K Lazarsfeld
2006 Hendrik W Lenstra, Jr.
2007 Andrei Okounkov
2008 Wendelin Werner
2009 Gregory Margulis
2010 Richard P. Stanley
2011 Alexander Lubotzky
2012 Edward Frenkel
2013 Alice Guionnet
2014 Dusa McDuff
2015 Michael Hopkins
2016 W Timothy Gowers
2017 Carlos E Kenig
2018 Avi Wigderson
2019 Benedict Gross

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