The John von Neumann Lecture

The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics awards the John von Neumann Lecture for:-
... contributions to the field of applied mathematical sciences and for the effective communication of these ideas to the community.
As well as being invited to lecture at the annual meeting, the recipient receives a monetary award.

1960 Lars Valerian Ahlfors

1961 Mark Kac

1962 Jean Leray

1963 Stanislaw M Ulam

1964 Solomon Lefschetz

1965 Freeman J Dyson

1966 Eugene P Wigner

1967 Chia-Chiao Lin

1968 Peter D Lax

1969 George F Carrier

1970 James H Wilkinson

1971 Paul A Samuelson

1974 Jule Charney

1975 Sir James Lighthill

1976 René Thom

1977 Kenneth J Arrow

1978 Peter Henrici

1979 Kurt O Friedrichs

1980 Keith Stewartson

1981 Garrett Birkhoff

1982 David Slepian

1983 Joseph B Keller

1984 Jurgen Moser

1985 John W Tukey

1986 Jacques-Louis Lions

1987 Richard M Karp

1988 Germund G Dahlquist

1989 Stephen Smale

1990 Andrew J Majda

1992 R Tyrrell Rockafellar

1994 Martin D Kruskal

1996 Carl de Boor

1997 William (Velvel) Kahan

1998 Olga Ladyzhenskaya

1999 Charles S Peskin

2000 Persi W Diaconis

2001 David L Donoho

2002 Eric S Lander

2003 Heinz-Otto Kreiss

2004 Alan C Newell

2005 Jerrold E Marsden

2006 George C Papanicolaou

2007 Lai-Sang Young

2008 Dianne O Leary

2009 Andrea Bertozzi

2010 Bernd Sturmfels

2011 Ingrid Daubechies

2012 Sir John Ball

2013 Stanley J Osher

2014 Leslie F Greengard

2015 Jennifer Tour Chayes

2016 Donald E Knuth

2017 Bernard J Matkowsky

2018 Charles F Van Loan

2019 Margaret H Wright

2020 L N Trefethen

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