Previous changes: up to March 2022

In addition to the list of Mathematicians Birthplace Maps at THIS LINK,
we now also have a list of Birthplace Maps sorted by countries at THIS LINK.

We have taken over Jeff Miller's renowned Mathematicians on Postage Stamps page at THIS LINK.

In addition, we have a page of Other Mathematical Postage Stamps at THIS LINK,
a page of Individually Designed Postage Stamps at THIS LINK and
a page of Stamps from Mathematica at THIS LINK.

We have given space to two more of Jeff Miller's History of Mathematics pages:
Earliest Known Uses of Some of the Words of Mathematics at THIS LINK and
Earliest Uses of Various Mathematical Symbols at THIS LINK.

We have 17 new biographies:

There are 16 new entries in our Additional material category. Each is linked to the biography on the left.

CareyFrank Stanton Carey's books
CareyFrank Stanton Carey writes to James George Frazer
EldertonEthel Elderton's papers
EldertonPearson and Galton on Ethel Elderton
EldertonThe Eldertons' Primer of Statistics
Foster_DorothyDorothy Foster and the Dixon family
GaltonPearson and Galton on Ethel Elderton
LeeExtracts from Alice Lee's papers
Maxwell_EdwinEdwin Arthur Maxwell's books
MostowDan Mostow by Sidnie Feit
Mostow Dan Mostow and the ICM, 1972-1990
NevilleEric Harold Neville's books
PearsonPearson and Galton on Ethel Elderton
SadlerDonald Harry Sadler's publications
SuttonGraham Sutton's books
WhitrowGerald James Whitrow's books
WhitworthWilliam Allen Whitworth's Books
WhitworthW A Whitworth and The Eagle

Heinz Klaus Strick has added another 10 biographies to his Collection of biographies: