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AczelBooks by János Aczél
AmsonThe Sinking of the Gipsy Meg
AmsonJohn Ceres Amson's Papers
BorweinDavid Borwein's papers
Borwein_Jonathan Jonathan Borwein's books
Borwein_JonathanQuotes by Jonathan Borwein
Borwein_Jonathan Tributes to Jon Borwein
Borwein_PeterPeter Borwein's books
Kersey A Treatise of the Elements of the Algebraical Art
KerseyMathematical Art Commonly called Algebra
KerseyJohn Kersey extends Wingate's Arithmetick
LindsayTelegraphy by James Bowman Lindsay
ManinAlexei Skorobogatov on Yuri Manin
NealeVicky Neale's books
Read E T Copson's tribute to Arthur Hinton Read
Read Mathematics as an art
ReadA Signpost to Mathematics
Sainte-Lague Les Réseaux (ou Graphes)
Singmaster Cubic Circulars by David Singmaster
SingmasterDavid Singmaster's books
SoltysiakInterview with Andrzej Sołtysiak
SoltysiakAndrzej Sołtysiak papers
Turnbull Herbert Westren Turnbull, mountaineer
Wells Agnes E Wells' Ph.D. thesis
Whittaker Edmund Whittaker's autobiography
WhittakerMathematics and Logic by E T Whittaker

Heinz Klaus Strick has added another 4 biographies to his Collection of biographies: