Previous changes: up to December 2023

We have added one entry to our list of Honours and Prizes:

Mathematicians on postage stamps

We have added about 200 further stamps to THIS LIST.
You can see the additions at THIS LINK.

We have determined that some of the stamps we had in our list were in fact "illegal". That is, they were not authorised by the postal authority of the country they claimed to be from.
We have moved these to a separate list at THIS LINK.

Google doodles

We have added 15 more Google doodles to THIS LIST

We have added one new biography:

We have added 17 extended biographies:

There are 21 new entries in our Additional material category. Each is linked to the biography on the left.

BourgainJean Bourgain Extras
Caffarelli 2023 Abel Prize awarded to Luis Ángel Caffarelli
DonaldsonSimon Donaldson extras
DrinfeldVladimir Drinfeld Extras
FeffermanCharles Fefferman extras
Ginsburg Jekuthiel Ginsburg's books
GinsburgInspiring the Love of Mathematics
GinsburgScripta Mathematica
Grothendieck The Grothendieck Mystery
Jitomirskaya Svetlana Jitomirskaya Awards
Langlands Robert Langlands awarded the 2018 Abel Prize
LanglandsRobert Langlands describes his early years
Lusztig George Lusztig Extras
MargulisThe Abel Prize 2020
Schoen Prefaces and a citation for Richard Schoen
SinaiAn elementary approach to concepts by Yakov G Sinai
Sullivan 2022 Abel Prize awarded to Dennis Sullivan
TaoTerence Tao Awards
Tao Terence Tao Books
YauSome of Shing-Tung Yau's books
YauShing-Tung Yau Extras

Heinz Klaus Strick has added another three biographies to his Collection of biographies: