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CarnotReflections on the metaphysical principles of the Infinitesimal Calculus
CondorcetOutlines of the Historical View of the Progress of the Human Mind
CopernicusGemma Frisius on Copernicus and Ptolemy
CournotAugustin Cournot's Théorie des richesses
CournotAn essay on the foundations of our knowledge
CraikAlexander D D Craik's books
FilonBooks by L N G Filon
Frank_MargueriteThe Frank-Wolfe algorithm
Frank_MargueriteGreedy Algorithms, Frank-Wolfe and Friends
Gemma_FrisiusGemma Frisius on Copernicus and Ptolemy
GermainHippolyte Stupuy's Obituary of Sophie Germain
Greenspan_DonaldDonald Greenspan's books
Greenspan_HarveyApplied Mathematics at M.I.T.
Greenspan_HarveyApplied Mathematics as a Science
Greenspan_HarveyHarvey Greenspan's books
Jeffery George B Jeffery's books
JefferyGeorge B Jeffery Inaugural Lecture
JefferyMathematics as an Educational Experience
JefferyMathematics in School and University
KermackContributions to the Mathematical Theory of Epidemics
McKendrickContributions to the Mathematical Theory of Epidemics
PtolemyGemma Frisius on Copernicus and Ptolemy
SawyerWarwick Sawyer's articles
SawyerWarwick Sawyer's books

Heinz Klaus Strick has added another 8 biographies to his Collection of biographies: