Colloquium photo 1913

Move the cursor on to the picture or tap on a face to see the name:

BACK ROW, J P Johnston, W Scrimgeour, W L Marr, J Marshall, J Milne, J E A Steggall, W P Milne, E H Smart, R F Muirhead, G Philip, M Oldham, G Dawson, J B Meiklejohn, J C Dunlop, G B Gadgil, J W Butterwell, , M V Krishna, J Urquhart, C Elliott, M M Fairgrieve

FOURTH ROW, A B Manning, J Cossar, W B Coutts, W Pitkeathly, A Clifford, A R Kelsey, F G Taylor, A Watt, J Mitchell, P M Marples, E Blades, A S Tennant, G A Carse, C T R Wilson. D Gibb, J C McClennan

THIRD ROW, J Turner, J Miller, A W Young, W Watson, R M Shearer, J A Hardie, G W Brewster, J A McBride, G I Straiton, J D Fulton, J Mason, D Wallace, G Lawson

SECOND ROW, C Campbell, G Hamilton, D M Johnstone, W Gentle, P Pinkerton, D C McIntosh, J Strachan, E Boardman, Miss E F Edwards, Miss M C Fraser, Miss M T Nedham, J McKillop

FIRST ROW STANDING, C G Knott, A D Russell, C H Holmes, R J T Bell, D G Taylor, Miss E Disney, Miss E G H Brown, Miss K Fleming, Miss O Trewby

FRONT ROW, E T Whittaker, A W Conway, D M Y Sommerville, P Comrie

Name in green has an entry in the Davis archive of women graduates