Recent Changes -- up to June 2021

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We have 21 new biographies:

There are 29 new entries in our Additional material category. Each is linked to the biography on the left.

ArchimedesArchimedean solids
BashforthFrancis Bashforth's books
BashforthFrancis Bashforth obituaries in The Eagle
BlandMiles Bland's books
BowleyArthur Lyon Bowley's books
CatalanCatalan numbers
CatalanCatalan solids
Combridge John Theodore Combridge - Presidential address
CombridgeThe Rise of the Mathematical Association 1871-1897
DonkinWilliam Fishburn Donkin's publications
DowningWhere the day changes
DowningHow to find Easter
Downing A M W Downing's early publications
Ellis R L Ellis's obituary of D F Gregory
EllisHarvey Goodwin's obituary of Robert Leslie Ellis
Gregory, Duncan R L Ellis's obituary of D F Gregory
Hill, MicaiahMicaiah John Muller Hill on Euclid
Hill, Micaiah M J M Hill on the Teaching of Mathematics
HymersJohn Hymers' books
HymersJohn Hymers' Eagle obituary
Joly Charles Jasper Joly's books
ParkinsonStephen Parkinson, William Thomson and the Tripos
PlatoPlatonic solids
PlummerHenry Plummer's books
PlummerHenry Plummer on Lord Kelvin
ProudmanJoseph Proudman's books
Taylor, HenryHenry Taylor on Isaac Newton
ThomsonStephen Parkinson, William Thomson and the Tripos
ThomsonHenry Plummer on Lord Kelvin
Walker, GilbertGilbert T Walker - Papers and Reviews
Wilson, AlexanderSt Andrews type foundry

Heinz Klaus Strick has added another 17 biographies to his Collection of biographies:

The list of changes up to March 2021 is at THIS LINK