Recent Changes — up to February 2023

We have added one new History Topic:

We have added six new Mathematical Societies:

We have added two entries to our list of Honours and Prizes:

We have added 20 new biographies:

There are 21 new entries in our Additional material category. Each is linked to the biography on the left.

AdamsonIain Adamson's books
BaumslagRemembrances of Gilbert Baumslag
BaumslagThe Gilbert Group
Booth_Kathleen The Booth-Britten 1947 reports
Booth_KathleenKathleen Booth's books
Cajigal Juan Manuel Cajigal on science versus the arts
De_MeloWelington de Melo's Books
GrunbaumBranko Grünbaum's books
HerschelJohn Herschel in South Africa
LimaElon Lima's Books
LimaElon Lima on Saunders Mac Lane
ManeOn Ricardo Mañé by Ricardo Mañé
MasseraMemories of Massera's academic and political life
Massera José Luis Massera's publications
MasseraJosé Luis Massera: Science and social commitment
NeubuserReport on the EC grant Computational Group Theory
PalisInterview with Jacob Palis in 2014
PalisJacob Palis's books
SchafferJuan Jorge Schäffer's books
ShephardGeoffrey C Shephard's publications
WarnerWelsh mathematical great: Mary Warner

Heinz Klaus Strick has added another 11 biographies to his Collection of biographies:

The list of changes up to November 2022 is at THIS LINK