Recent Changes — up to December 2021

We have an expanded section on the Groups St Andrews series of conferences at THIS LINK.

We have added images of more than 200 more stamps to the Miller collection at THIS LINK.

We have 10 new biographies:

We have 17 extended biographies:

There are 26 new entries in our Additional material category. Each is linked to the biography on the left.

Bacon_ClaraClara Bacon in Goucher Alumnae Quarterly
Bacon_ClaraMathematics at Goucher 1888-1979
Bernstein_Dorothy Dorothy L Bernstein: Miscellaneous writings
Bernstein_DorothyMathematics at Goucher 1888-1979
CannellMary Cannell's book on George Green
EiseleCarolyn Eisele's books
EiseleSome of Carolyn Eisele's Papers
GreenMary Cannell's book on George Green
Hamill Christine Mary Hamill's papers
HarlayJerome de Lalande's Ladies Astronomy
HayesEllen Hayes' books
HayesThree letters by Ellen Hayes
HazlettOlive Clio Hazlett's papers
Hudson Hilda P Hudson's books
HudsonThe Mathematician, Mathematics and Eternity
LalandeJerome de Lalande's Ladies Astronomy
LehrMarguerite Lehr's writings
LehrMathematics at Goucher 1888-1979
LibermannPaulette Libermann's book
MacKinnon Annie Louisa MacKinnon's thesis
MerrillWinifred Merrill's 'Musical Autograms'
MerrillWinifred Merrill on manners and dress for women
MetcalfIda M Metcalf on teaching children
MullikinMathematics at Goucher 1888-1979
NicolsonPhyllis Nicolson's publications
Rees Mina Rees elected AAAS president
ReesMina Rees: Women Mathematicians Before 1950
ReesSome of Mina Rees's papers
ReesThe Student Self-Government Association 1922-1923
Russell_Beulah Randolph-Macon Woman's College: Mathematics
WrinchDorothy Wrinch's early papers

Heinz Klaus Strick has added another 9 biographies to his Collection of biographies:

The list of changes up to September 2021 is at THIS LINK