Recent Changes -- up to September 2020

We have 3 new biographies:

We have 10 expanded biographies:

There are 35 new entries in our Additional material category. Each is linked to the entry on the left.

BohlPiers Bohl's publications
BonnetOssian Bonnet and differential geometry
ChuquetReviews of Nicolas Chuquet's book
ChuquetEtymology of some common mathematical terms
Cochran Reviews of William Gemmell Cochran's books
DesarguesCriticisms made against Desargues
DesarguesDesargues' theorem on perspective triangles
DiggesEtymology of some common mathematical terms
FerrarBill Ferrar's Books
FerrarWilliam Leonard Ferrar - Publications
FerrarAlgebra in the Higher School Certificate
HilbEmil Hilb's publications
KarpCarol Karp Quiz Kid
KoebeMemories of Paul Koebe
KoebePaul Koebe's publications
LandsbergGeorg Landsberg's publications
Levy_PaulPaul Lévy's books
Levy_PaulPaul Lévy on the theorems of Gödel and Cohen
Levy_PaulThe originality of P Lévy in mathematics
Levy_PaulThe foundations of the calculus of probabilities
Levy_PaulBenoit Mandelbrot on Paul Lévy
Levy_PaulLaurent Schwartz on Paul Lévy
MacfarlaneAlexander Macfarlane's books
MacfarlaneExamination papers by Alexander Macfarlane
MandelbrotBenoit Mandelbrot on Paul Lévy
Meyer_Paul-AndreThe originality of P Lévy in mathematics
PeanoPeano's axioms for the Natural numbers
PeanoPeano's Space-filling Curve
RajagopalC T Rajagopal's publications
SchwartzLaurent Schwartz on Paul Lévy
SierpinskiSierpinski's Space-filling Curve
SierpinskiSierpiński's triangle or gasket
SnedecorGeorge W Snedecor's books
SnedecorA Proposed Basic Course in Statistics
StifelEtymology of some common mathematical terms
SylvesterSylvester's Discriminant
Watson G N Watson at the 1932 ICM at Zürich
WatsonG N Watson's books
WeylHermann Weyl at the Princeton Bicentennial

Heinz Klaus Strick has added another 23 biographies to his Collection of biographies:

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