Recent Changes -- up to January 2021

We have 8 new biographies:

We have 7 expanded biographies:

There are 26 new entries in our Additional material category. Each is linked to the entry on the left.

Adams_LouiseL D Adams Presidential Address
BadoureauAlbert Badoureau's Scandinavian trip
BeltramiGeorge Bryan's obituary of Eugenio Beltrami
Briggs_WilliamGeorge Hartley Bryan's books
BrillouinMarcel Brillouin's books
BrillouinObituary notice for M Marcel Brillouin, by M Henri Villat
BryanGeorge Bryan's obituary of Eugenio Beltrami
BryanGeorge Hartley Bryan's books
Bryan G H Bryan's Mathematical Association Address
CarrierGeorge F Carrier on Applied Mathematics
CarrierGeorge Carrier books
CarrierGeorge Carrier's early papers
CarrierGeorge Carrier's Ph.D. students
CliffordRiemann's Bases of Geometry
ConwayMathematicians We Lost in 2020
CraikAlex Craik on Edward Sang
DodgsonSome Charles Dodgson letters
Dodgson Charles Dodgson on Natural Science
DysonMathematicians We Lost in 2020
FicheraAlexander Weinstein's Accademia dei Lincei obituary
GrahamMathematicians We Lost in 2020
Hewitt_EdwinEdwin Hewitt autobiography
Hewitt_EdwinEdwin Hewitt's books
HoeThe Jade Mirror of the four unknowns
KilmisterClive Kilmister's books
KilmisterClive Kilmister's Presidential Address
KilmisterPhysics Tomorrow
Kovalevskaya Sofia Kovalevskaia - a biographical sketch
KovalevskayaBooks about Sofia Kovalevskaya
PolkinghorneJohn Polkinghorne on Cosmic Scope: Creation
RiemannRiemann's Bases of Geometry
SangAlex Craik on Edward Sang
SangEdward Sang's arithmetic texts
SangOn Mechanical Aids to Calculation
SangEdward Sang addresses the Actuarial Society of Edinburgh
SylvesterSylvester addresses the British Association
TempleThe Growth of Mathematics
TempleGeorge Temple's books
TricomiFrancesco Tricomi's books
Tricomi Francesco Tricomi on 'publish of perish'
WeinsteinAlexander Weinstein's Accademia dei Lincei obituary
Wilson_AlexanderThe Wilson effect
Wilson_AlexanderBiographical Account of Alexander Wilson
Zhu_ShijieThe Jade Mirror of the four unknowns

Heinz Klaus Strick has added another 12 biographies to his Collection of biographies:

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