Fellows of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

Alphabetical List

Below is a list of about 300 Fellows of the Royal Society of Edinburgh who were (among other things) mathematicians.

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There is also a list ordered by date of election, and you can also read about the history of the RSE.

John Couch Adams1849More info
George Biddell Airy1835More info
Alexander Craig Aitken1925More info
John Alison1889More info
Robert Edgar Allardice1888More info
Arthur Henry Hallam Anglin1881More info
Dominique Francois Jean Arago1815More info
James Archibald1907More info
Michael Francis Atiyah1985More info
Charles Babbage1820More info
Bevan Braithwaite Baker1921More info
Henry Frederick Baker1943More info
Robert Stawell Ball1889More info
Andrew Jeffrey Gunion Barclay1886More info
Frederick Bath1929More info
Ludwig Becker1893More info
Robert John Tainsh Bell1916More info
George Andreas Berry1893More info
Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel1823More info
Jean Baptiste Biot1815More info
George David Birkhoff1943More info
Vilhelm Friman Koren Bjerknes1930More info
Thomas Purves Black1931More info
Hugh Blackburn1850More info
Niels Henrik David Bohr1927More info
Ludwig Boltzmann1895More info
Nathaniel Bowditch1818More info
Charles Vernon Boys1936More info
Scipione Breislak1823More info
John Brinkley1824More info
Edward Ffrench Bromhead1823More info
Luitzen Egbertus Jan Brouwer1955More info
Alexander Brown1907More info
Leslie Maurice Brown1947More info
Thomas Arnold Brown1924More info
Walter Brown1923More info
Alexander Fairley Buchan1940More info
Joseph Langley Burchnall1953More info
Adam Burg1823More info
Alexander G Burgess1902More info
James Burgess1894More info
George Murray Burnett1956More info
Raymond Keiller Butchart1915More info
David Stanley Butler1972More info
John Watt Butters1896More info
William Archibald Cadell1812More info
Moritz Cantor1905More info
John W Capstick1887More info
Thomas Carlyle1866More info
Horatio Scott Carslaw1901More info
Mary Lucy Cartwright1968More info
John William Scott Cassels1981More info
Augustin Louis Cauchy1845More info
Arthur Cayley1865More info
Sydney Chapman1953More info
Alexander Christison1800More info
George Chrystal1880More info
John Brown Clark1891More info
Rudolph Julius Emmanuel Clausius1888More info
Ernest George Coker1903More info
Henry Thomas Colebrooke1816More info
Edward Foyle Collingwood1954More info
Peter Comrie1909More info
John Cook1894More info
Patrick Copland1783More info
Edward Thomas Copson1924More info
James Cossar1942More info
Charles Alfred Coulson1941More info
James Ireland Craig1908More info
Alexander Duncan Davidson Craik1983More info
Lawrence (Laurence) Crawford1903More info
Luigi Cremona1883More info
Alexander Cumming1783More info
Leslie Bennet Craigie Cunningham1945More info
Samuel Newby Curle1977More info
Jean Gaston Darboux1902More info
George Howard Darwin1897More info
Thomas Stephens Davies1831More info
Jean Baptiste Joseph Delambre1820More info
Sasindra Chandra Dhar1937More info
Arthur Erdelyi (formerly Diamant)1945More info
James Douglas Hamilton Dickson1876More info
Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac1946More info
John Dougall1921More info
William John Dundas1919More info
Francois Pierre Charles Dupin1823More info
George Duthie1899More info
George Eason1975More info
George Samuel Eastwood1925More info
Arthur Stanley Eddington1930More info
William Leonard Edge1934More info
Albert Einstein1927More info
Federigo Enriques1938More info
Ivor Malcolm Haddon Etherington1934More info
Joseph David Everett1863More info
Michael Faraday1835More info
William Leonard Ferrar1925More info
Gaetano Fichera1976More info
George Francis FitzGerald1900More info
Andrew Russell Forsyth1900More info
Benjamin Franklin1783More info
Thomas Bedford Franklin1920More info
Rene Maurice Frechet1947More info
Erwin Finlay Freundlich1941More info
Karl Friedrich Gauss1820More info
David Gibb1910More info
George Alexander Gibson1889More info
John Gibson Gibson1941More info
Davies Gilbert, (until 1817 Giddy)1828More info
Robert Pollock Gillespie1933More info
James Whitbread Lee Glaisher1916More info
James Glenie1794More info
James Clerk Maxwell of Glenlair1856More info
William Miller of Glenlee, Lord Glenlee1783More info
James Goodwillie1901More info
Thomas Gordon1783More info
Andrew Gray1883More info
James Gordon Gray1909More info
William Michael Herbert Greaves1939More info
William Greenfield1783More info
William Gilmour Guthrie1933More info
Jacques Salomon Hadamard1946More info
Robert Haldane1820More info
Marshall Hall1819More info
Paul Richard Halmos1975More info
Henry Parr Hamilton1822More info
Robert Hamilton1783More info
William Rowan Hamilton1835More info
Godfrey Harold Hardy1946More info
George Harvey1824More info
John Brian Helliwell1963More info
Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmholtz1864More info
Thomas Henderson1834More info
Charles Hermite1884More info
John Frederick William Herschel1820More info
George William Hill1907More info
William Vallance Douglas Hodge1928More info
Ellice Martin Horsburgh1904More info
Robert Alexander Houstoun1911More info
Adam Mitchell Hunter1923More info
John Hunter1870More info
Charles Hutton1786More info
James Hutton1783More info
James Hyslop1927More info
James Morton Hyslop1947More info
Edward Lindsay Ince1923More info
James Ivory1835More info
Henry Jack1970More info
William Jack1875More info
John Meadows Jackson1947More info
Karl Gustav Jacob Jacobi1845More info
James Jardine1812More info
Harold Jeffreys1953More info
George William Jones1905More info
Archibald Smith of Jordanhill1837More info
Mstislav Vsevolodovich Keldysh1968More info
Philip Kelland1839More info
William Thomson, Lord Kelvin1847More info
Nicholas Kemmer1954More info
John Kemp1792More info
Gustav Robert Kirchhoff1868More info
Cargill Gilston Knott1880More info
Ernst Eduard Kummer1875More info
Kasimierz Kuratowski1966More info
Joseph Louis Lagrange1790More info
Horace Lamb1913More info
James Alexander George Lamb1921More info
Peter Redford Scott Lang1878More info
Pierre Simon Laplace1813More info
Joseph Larmor1910More info
Walter Ledermann1944More info
Adrien Marie Legendre1820More info
Frank Matthews Leslie1980More info
John Leslie1807More info
Tullio Levi-Civita1923More info
Hyman Levy1916More info
Anders Johan Lexell1784More info
Nicholas Morpeth Hutchinson Lightfoot1931More info
Thomas A Lindsay1920More info
Joseph Liouville1875More info
Johann Benedict Listing1879More info
James Balfour Lockhart1932More info
Reginald Douglas Lord1960More info
Hendrik Antoon Lorentz1920More info
Alexander Murray Macbeath1955More info
Hector Munro Macdonald1905More info
Ian David Macdonald1984More info
John Angus Macdonald1904More info
William J Macdonald1886More info
Alexander MacFarlane1878More info
Archibald James Macintyre1947More info
Andrew Mackay1793More info
John Sturgeon Mackay1882More info
Andrew George Mackie1962More info
John Mackie1929More info
Thomas MacKnight1799More info
Thomas Murray MacRobert1921More info
Devendra Nath Mallik1908More info
David Henry Marshall1882More info
John Marshall1920More info
Nevil Maskelyne1784More info
Neil McArthur1921More info
James Alexander McBride1926More info
William Wither McClelland1943More info
William Hunter McCrea1931More info
Donald Cameron McIntosh1903More info
John Mclaren, (Lord Mclaren)1869More info
Dugald Black McQuistan1921More info
George Cunliffe McVittie1943More info
John McWhan1921More info
William H Metzler1902More info
Sidney Michaelson1969More info
John Miller1910More info
Thomas Miller1852More info
Archibald Milne1905More info
William Milne1886More info
Louis Melville Milne-Thomson1933More info
James Mitchell1900More info
Alexander Morgan1896More info
Asutosh Mukhopâdhyay1886More info
David Munn1869More info
Crispin St John Alvah Nash-Williams1969More info
Simon Newcomb1881More info
Hubert Anson Newton1886More info
Benjamin Noble1961More info
Witold Nowacki1979More info
Robert Winston Keith Odoni1996More info
Albert Cyril Offord1946More info
Olga Oleinik1983More info
Alexander Oppenheim1956More info
Barnaba Oriani1823More info
Robert Osborne1958More info
John Thomson Pearce1907More info
Karl Pearson1934More info
James Wallace Peck1904More info
William Peddie1887More info
Benjamin Peirce1867More info
William George Penney1970More info
Frederick Phillips1917More info
Charles Emile Picard1920More info
Salvatore Pincherle1921More info
Peter Pinkerton1905More info
Giovanni Antonio Amedeo Plana1835More info
Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck1937More info
John Playfair1783More info
Ake Pleijel1975More info
Jules Henri Poincare1895More info
Simeon Denis Poisson1820More info
Gorakh Prasad1932More info
Arthur John Pressland1892More info
Gaspard Clair Francois Marie Riche de Prony1820More info
Lambert Adolphe Jacques Quetelet1835More info
Peter Ramsay1914More info
Jesse Ramsden1798More info
Robert Alexander Rankin1955More info
William John Macquorn Rankine1850More info
John William Strutt, Lord Rayleigh1886More info
Selwyn Read1929More info
Thomas Reid1783More info
James Bonnyman Ritchie1914More info
Richard Alexander Robb1929More info
Alexander Provan Robertson1966More info
John Watson Robertson1937More info
Robert Robertson1896More info
Thomas Romney Robinson1876More info
John Robison1783More info
Alexander David Ross1909More info
Edward Burns Ross1921More info
Harold Stanley Ruse1931More info
Alexander Durie Russell1905More info
Daniel Edwin Rutherford1934More info
William Saddler1925More info
George Salmon1881More info
Ralph Allan Sampson1911More info
Edward Sang1836More info
George Alfred Leon Sarton1936More info
Robert Schlapp1927More info
Heinrich Christian Schumacher1822More info
Alexander Ritchie Scott1919More info
Sheila Scott Macintyre, née Scott1958More info
Swarupchand Mohanlal Shah1957More info
William Fleetwood Sheppard1932More info
Robert Taylor Skinner1903More info
Noel Bryan Slater1954More info
Robert Small1783More info
Edward Smart1901More info
Raymond Smart1969More info
Henry John Stephen Smith1876More info
Robert Allan Smith1969More info
Ian Naismith Sneddon1958More info
Sergei Lvovich Sobolev1963More info
Duncan M'laren Young Sommerville1911More info
William Spottiswoode1883More info
Thomas Bond Sprague1874More info
John Edward Aloysius Steggall1885More info
Caleb Andrew Stewart1950More info
Dugald Stewart1783More info
Matthew Stewart1783More info
George Gabriel Stokes1865More info
Charles Strachan1942More info
William Swan1848More info
James Joseph Sylvester1874More info
Peter Guthrie Tait1861More info
William Henry Fox Talbot1858More info
Geoffrey Ingram Taylor1938More info
James Taylor1899More info
Charles Hughes Terrot1840More info
D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson1885More info
Andrew Thomson1887More info
Godfrey Hilton Thomson1926More info
William Thomson1882More info
Geoffrey Timms1933More info
William Trail1783More info
Edward Troughton1822More info
Herbert Westren Turnbull1922More info
Charles Tweedie1897More info
Ramaswamy S Vaidyanathaswami1924More info
Oswald Veblen1943More info
Urbain Jean Joseph Le Verrier1847More info
Nicholas Vilant1783More info
Vito Volterra1913More info
Arthur Geoffrey Walker1946More info
Robert Walker1873More info
William Wallace1804More info
George Neville Watson1949More info
Wilhelm Eduard Weber1874More info
Ernest Maclagan Wedderburn1907More info
Joseph Henry Maclagan Wedderburn1903More info
William Whewell1845More info
Edmund Taylor Whittaker1912More info
John MacNaughten Whittaker1928More info
James Williamson1783More info
John Williamson1928More info
Alexander Wilson1783More info
Bertram Martin Wilson1934More info
John Wilson1878More info
John Wishart1931More info
Edward Maitland Wright1937More info
Andrew White Young1937More info